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Bodyflex at home - we master the technique of breathing

Bodyflex is an effectiveRespiratory gymnastics, which is aimed at burning fat. This program was developed by American Grieg Childers, who, after giving birth to three children, returned her 44th clothing size from the 56th.

bodyflex at home

The basis of bodyflex is a combination of certain breathing and exercises, as a result of which muscles are trained, skin is tightened, cellulite and fine wrinkles are eliminated. At the same time, the pace of training is slow.

If you are interested in how the bodyflex is made at home, then familiarize yourself with the breathing technique, since this is the main thing that should be done correctly.

Initial position

Arrange legs at a distance of 30-35 cm, putpalms several centimeters above the knees. In doing so, look ahead. This is not the only position for training, but it's the easiest way to master a bodyflex at home.

The first stage: exhalation through the mouth

You should exhale all the air, or rather, slowly squeeze it out. Once you understand that there is no more air in the lungs, close your lips.

The second stage: a quick inhalation of the nose

Here only the nose is involved. Take a sharp breath, trying as quickly as possible and more sharply to fill the lungs with air. Breathe in abundance. At this stage there should be a noise effect, that is, the louder you breathe, the better.

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The third stage: a sharp exhalation of the mouth

Now you need to push the air through your mouth, using not only the lungs, but also the muscles of the press. There must also be a noise effect, since you are exhaling fast.

Fourth stage: breath holding

Slightly bend your head forward and begintighten the abdomen. As we recall, there is no air in the lungs, and at this moment it can not be inhaled. Thus, you draw in the belly, forming a hollow. Perform the stage slowly, mentally counting the seconds. The best option is when you count to 8, but you can start with 3-4 bars.

The fifth stage. Inhalation through the nose

Once you have counted the seconds, you can inhale. For this, it is enough to relax the muscles and let the lungs fill with air.

Having mastered the breathing technique, you can start bodyflex at home.

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System Features

With the help of this gymnastics, the body receives a greater amount of oxygen, which actively saturates the blood, reaching the site of stress. Thus, fat splitting is much more active.

In addition, that you will learn how you can lose weight inhome conditions, bodyflex will have an effect on the processes of metabolism, lymph flow. Even the stomach will start to function differently, because gradually it will decrease in size.

In order for the bodyflex to bring the desired result at home, it is necessary to adhere to three basic rules:

1. Conducting classes on an empty stomach. Thus, the ideal time for training is the morning (time immediately after awakening). If you do not have this opportunity, then before starting the exercise, wait 2-3 hours after eating.

2. Regularity. Of course, only systematic training provides the result.

3. A full and healthy diet. In no case do not start a strict diet, since classes require high energy costs, which can not be replenished without proper diet.

Thus, you learned how to lose weight at home for free, without buying additional equipment or weighting.

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