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Fishing secrets: fishing rods for long-distance casting

Catch peaceful fish at remote distances fromThe shore is not always comfortable with a simple flywheel. Of course, you can use donkey, but bites with such a tackle are not always visible. That is why many anglers who have experience use rods for long-distance casting. Such a rod is called a "match". It very much resembles a spinning, but the arrangement of the rings is more frequent, and they are fixed on the higher legs. Matches are available in two versions: telescopic and plug-in.

rods for long-distance casting
Rods for long casting for conventional,non-professional anglers are better suited telescopic. They have a number of convenient advantages over plugs. Firstly, when using them, you do not have to constantly skip a thin line through at least 15 rings before fishing. Especially this procedure is difficult to perform in windy weather. Secondly, such a rod is easy to transport.

rigging for long-distance casting
The length of the rod for long casting in the workingstate is between 4 and 4.3 meters. It is best to use the rod, designed for a load of 2 and, perhaps, up to 16 grams, and up to 40 g (for the most distant casts). In the snap of the match, only the inertia reel with an open spool is used. The forestry capacity must be at least 100 meters. For fishing for long casts special floats are used. They, as a rule, have plumage, like an arrow. It is necessary for the float to fly straight, without any rotational movements, and not move away from the intended trajectory. Calculated match floats for the most accurate and long casts. In their form they are somewhat similar to gymnastic maces, and they fly just like this sporting projectile - by thickening forward. The float rod for long casting should be as convenient as possible, so when catching preference is given to the sliding elements, which are easily stalled if there is such a need.

float rod for long-distance casting
Necessary for match fishing is necessaryto equip the fishing rod with a special fishing line. It should not only be thin, but also sinking. This line has a very big advantage over the usual one. After the cast, it does not form a kind of "bubble" on the water from the wind, which sometimes frightens the fish. Usually, in order for this line to go deep, it is enough to support the tip of the rod a little. Fishing rods for long-distance casting must be equipped in accordance with the conditions of the forthcoming fishing. Therefore, when purchasing a fishing line, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a special "Match" marking. It is best to use this tackle with a diameter of up to 0.16 mm. Usual fishing line for a match fishing rod is not used, it will only complicate the whole process of catching and will noticeably affect the worst for the number of bites.

In general, we can say that the rigging of the fishing rod forlong-range casting is not difficult. Such a tackle, as a rule, can be used to catch fish standing far from the shore. Very good for her catching bream, small carp and carp. If you take into account all the nuances of the rigging and do the right casts, then fishing for such a fishing rod will not only bring a lot of pleasure, but also give a good catch.

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