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What to Eat to Lose Weight: Tips

One of the most famous jokes about losing weightis a well-known female phrase: "What would it be to eat to lose weight." In fact, it's an oxymoron - they say, it's impossible to throw off excess weight, if you are tormented by the question of what to pamper your stomach. But, as modern studies in dietetics show, this is not entirely true. In the world there are enough products with so-called negative calorie content. That is, those that can be eaten without damage, or even usefully to combat excess weight. So, what to eat to lose weight?

what to eat to lose weight
These products are called negatively caloric,because the body spends as much energy or even more for processing than they themselves bring into it. Of course, they should not eat alone, but it is useful to include such in their diet. What to eat to lose weight effortlessly? The first number is salads. That is, you need to use arugula, lettuce, iceberg, watercress, as well as their various kindred. All of them are not only tasty, low-calorie and useful, but also rich in fiber, which the stomach digests long enough, and therefore - spends a lot of energy on them. Also in the list of products of what to eat to lose weight, includes sea kale. Its caloricity is minimal, and the health benefits are simply enormous.

There are fruits that help lose weight. And there are quite a lot of them. So, what should you eat to lose weight, from fruit variety? Be sure to include in the diet citrus - they contain vitamin C and acids, which help to break down fats. This includes cranberries, pineapple, kiwi and papaya - they all have a negative calorie content. Do not deny yourself in apples - another saying of those who sit on a diet, says: "If you want to eat - you eat an apple, do not want it - then it's not hungry."

how to eat calories to lose weight
From vegetables useful for weight loss arethe following crops: cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli, radish and carrots. All of them stand guard over your waist and bring undoubted benefit to the body. And as you can see, the choice of what to eat to lose weight is wide enough. Such food is very diverse, it can be said, even for every taste.

what you need to eat to lose weight
The last question related to dietaryproducts, usually refers to how much to eat calories to lose weight. In principle, the norm for maintaining weight for women is 2000 kcal per day with an average physical load. In order to reduce the weight, it is enough to reduce this figure a little. But for an effective dumping of extra pounds you need not only to know the optimum number of calories, but also to develop a nutrition strategy. It is better to eat in 5-6 small meals, than try to fit the entire calorie rate into one dinner. How to distribute the amount of food per day - depends solely on your personal biorhythms. But in general, if you eat foods with a negative caloric content, monitor the size of meals and the frequency of meals and fit into the daily limit of calories, and in addition to exercise, the weight will decrease smoothly, and most importantly - correctly, that is for a long time.

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