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Gymnastics with a hernia of the spine. What do you need to know?

The spine is the support of the whole organism. However, with a sharp load, a long and uncomfortable sitting, injuries, severe forms of scoliosis, sharp corners of the body, broken metabolism, and because of a genetic predisposition, a spinal hernia can form. Most often with this problem people face up to 45 years.

Gymnastics with a hernia of the spine

At first glance, it may seem thatself-held gymnastics with a hernia of the spine in order to relieve the pain - the easiest and quickest way to ease your condition, so you do not need to go to the doctor. But an unprofessional approach to this serious problem will only worsen the situation.

Independently you can do any exercisesonly for the prevention of vertebral hernia. And when a spinal hernia already takes place, you should first contact the hospital, where massages, manual therapy, underwater traction will be prescribed, and after that, the necessary exercises for gymnastics and for exercise therapy (HPV) with herniated spine in an experienced instructor have already been individually selected. Also for the treatment of the disease, depending on its degree, doctors can prescribe an operation.

Lfk with a hernia of the spine

But the most effective way in the prevention andTreatment of vertebral hernia remains gymnastics. Immobility has a disastrous effect on the spine. However, not every gymnastics with a hernia of the spine can be useful. For example, it should not include harsh actions, and such an exercise as twisting is completely counter-indicative, jogging, jumping and step aerobics are undesirable. It is good to devote enough time to swimming, walking, skiing and cycling, doing regular exercises on a regular basis. Charging with a hernia of the spine helps the muscles develop, so that the situation does not deteriorate and an urgent operation is not required.

To decide which exercises are necessarywith vertebral hernia, you need to see a doctor. But there are two universal and effective exercises that you can do yourself without risking harm yourself. They allow to reduce the degree of pain syndrome. Such gymnastics with a hernia of the spine will suit everyone.

1. Approach any horizontal plane (table, bed). Having transferred weight on hands, gradually lay on this subject a thorax. The lower part of the trunk should be completely relaxed and perpendicular to the floor. Then slowly inhale deeply in the stomach, hold for 4 seconds and also exhale slowly. Repeat is 7-8 times. To rise also it is necessary accurately and smoothly, transferring weight on hands. You need to repeat this exercise 2-3 times.

Charging for spinal hernia
2. Get down on your knees and in the palm of your hand. The body should be parallel to the floor, knees and arms should be shoulder-width apart. The lumbar spine should not have a strong trough in or out. The spine should be in a neutral position, the neck is relaxed, and the head is down. Also take a deep slow breath in the stomach and the same slow exhale. Take a four-second pause and inhale again. Repeat 7-8 times, making 2-3 approaches.

Gymnastics with spinal hernia in the periodexacerbations should be done very carefully. It is best to postpone it until improvement. Exercises are conducted in order to avoid relapse and deterioration. If at any of them there was a sharp pain, it can not be continued. Only small discomfort is permissible, meaning that the stagnant muscles have begun to work. And remember that, despite all the efforts, you should not expect specific results for a specific period, for example, as with friends, or as those described on the Internet. Each organism is individual, and gymnastics in different cases gives a different effect, which is preserved for everyone in different ways.

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