/ / Alexey Alekseev - footballer of the club "Ventspils" from Latvia

Alexey Alekseev - footballer of the club "Ventspils" from Latvia

Alexey Alekseev is a football player who plays at the position of the attacker (sometimes an attacking midfielder) and stands for the Latvian FC Ventspils.

Alexey Alekseev: biography of a football player

Alexey was born on June 12, 1988 in the cityKrasnogorsk, the USSR (Russian Federation). The boy grew up and was brought up in an ordinary family. My father worked at the factory of PAO KMZ (Krasnogorsk Plant named after SA Zverev), and my mother was a medical employee. At the age of six, Lesha began to get involved in football, so his parents wrote him to the local football academy "Junior". Here he played to 12 years.

Alexey Alekseev football player

Trainers of the academy have always distinguished talentsAlekseeva - the guy ran very fast, had a sharp and accurate blow, and could also close the flank awning by blowing his head on goal. The young man scored many goals and was an honorary footballer for team-mates. Alexeyev's athletic talents did not stand still - the guy constantly developed and surprised with new "tricks" of coaches. In this regard, Alexei was recommended to transfer to the sports school of the CSKA football club, where he subsequently disappeared for 4 years.

Alexey Alekseev - soccer player of Krasnogorsk FC "Zorkiy"

In 2004, Alexeyev started a professionalcareer football player. Having signed a contract with the Krasnogorsk club FC "Zorky", the guy made his debut in the championship of the Moscow region on football. Here Aleksey Alekseev played until 2009. Over five years, the player became the top scorer in the team. Thanks to the merits of Alekseyev in 2008 and 2009, the football club "Zorky" took 3rd and 2nd place respectively in the LFL (amateur football league) in the group "A" (Moscow region).

Traveling to Russian football clubs

Alexey Alekseev - a football player with a good instinctgames and incredible technique. That is why they began to be interested in other Russian clubs. In 2010, Alekseev goes to the club "Prilit Reutov", but for some reason he played there only half a season. In the same year, he moved to the team from the second division - the Naro-Fominsk "Nara-SHBFR". Here he quickly became a key player of the base and showed a decent result, in connection with which he was invited to attend the camps in Volgograd FC "Rotor". However, a lot of competition knocked Alexeyev out of the rut - the footballer never got to "Rotor". He was offered to play for the team of the second division "MITOS" from Novocherkassk, to which he gave his consent. Here he played three seasons, in which he managed to score 31 goals.

Alexey Alekseev biography of the football player

In 2014, the athlete took the contracta proposal from the Kaliningrad FC "Baltika" and began to play in the first division of Russia in football. After 2 years Alekseyev ended the contract and, unfortunately, the club's management did not take a decision on its extension. Since June 2016, Alexei Alekseev - footballer of the Latvian "Ventspils", in which he passed on a free agent.

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