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Tackles for summer fishing

How tempting it sounds: summer fishing. So imagine the morning sunrise, the boat quietly stands in the reeds, and you, enjoying nature, only have time to put the worm on the hook.

And here you, warmed by a dream, race tospecialized store and what? Such a variety of fishing rods, lures, gear, various incomprehensible things about which you have not even heard. And the seller and whispers: take that, take it, and without that, so the fish will laugh. You can, of course, sit at home at fishing online store but the essence of the matter does not change. How can one understand all this splendor and not be trapped?

So, match gear. The length, akin to the mast - almost 4 meters, is made of carbon fiber with a cork handle, it is used on water with a small current, despite the apparent fragility, withstands a large fish. When using a heavy sinker, you can drop the rigging almost 40 meters. Suitable for easy snap. The fishing rod is universal, it is good for small fishes the size of a little finger, and for all respected bream and carp.

The next tackle is the feeder. Suitable for deep-sea rivers with fast, powerful currents. It is also used in the squalor wind, when a reliable powerful bit is needed. There are different lengths and are divided into light, medium, heavy. Catching the feeder almost always brings good luck. Together with him you will not be left without a catch.

Bologna fishing rod - a fishing rod for beginners. Due to the length, it can be used to accurately get between algae in the water with a calm current, and also in standing water. Allows you to fish on the ridge with alluvial stones. With the help of this fishing rod you can play with the fish, move the bait, lead in circles. Curious fish like to chase a mobile bait.

With the fishing rods figured out. And what about the bait? Favorite in this endless list remains a dung worm, its smell and red color attracts fish more than any other bait. Next in line is worth the trouble. This white, thick worm is saturated with natural aroma. Motyl is also loved by fishermen, but to get it is not so easy, because he lives in a swampy pond.

In general, the fish are not particularly choosy: bark beetles, grasshoppers, locusts, vesnjanka, perlianka, even a housefly and that to taste it. What can we say about caterpillars, butterflies, May beetles and a bear-all the insatiable fish swallow. The main thing is to get close to her and get interested in the food, and then your catch will not go unnoticed among the experienced fishermen and next time the council will ask you already.

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