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If you do not eat after 6, reviews about your figure will be enthusiastic!

Many of us arelose weight with minimal effort. This is really a very important condition, because in our fast age, it is rather difficult to constantly monitor your physical form. Therefore, one of the simplest diets was invented, the essence of which is not to eat after 6. Reviews about it are very different, so it's worth talking about it in more detail.

Many people, having tried a large numbera variety of diets, come in the end to the most simple ways to reduce your weight. These methods do not imply the use of debilitating physical exertion and special reference books for caloric intake of consumed food. It is enough for a person to adhere to one or two basic principles in order to become much more slender and to amaze others with changes in their appearance.

The easiest way to lose weight

If to bring your body back to normalchoose the way "do not eat after 6", the feedback of other people should not worry you. First of all, you need to motivate yourself, allocate your time correctly and adjust the method depending on the need.

For example, we do not always have the opportunitydine well, or eat an afternoon snack before six in the evening. In this case a person comes home very hungry, and the need to circumvent his favorite refrigerator by the tenth road begins to act psychologically. This is especially difficult if the whole family gathers at a common table for dinner.

In this case, you need to do for yourselfindulgence. At all, it is not necessary to eat anything after 6. The opinions of supporters of strict compliance with diets in this case are not entirely justified. Because a person who severely restricts himself in his favorite food will sooner or later break free in his spare time, and he will gain even more extra pounds than before.

In addition, do not limit yourself in communicationwith loved ones. So make a light vegetable or fruit salad and join your family. The main thing in this case is make your food tasty, but do not use too much fat, salt or additives with a high carbohydrate content, such as sugar.

Moreover, the diet "not to eat after 6" helps evenlow-fat varieties of fish and fermented milk products at this time of day. If you take low-fat cottage cheese, add yogurt or ryazhenka with a little sweetened orange or fruit juice, then this will be a perfectly acceptable dessert that you can eat with your family.

However, even if your diet has a peculiarflexibility and allows the use of a certain number of certain products, you must adhere to one clear rule: between the time of going to bed and the last meal should take at least two hours.

What you need to consider even during a simple diet

If during the day you are driving a sedentary imagelife and at the same time you consume a large amount of food, the diet "not to eat after 6" will not help you lose weight. Especially if you miss a missed dinner by increasing your portions in the morning and at lunch. In this case, no effectiveness of the diet can be no question. Therefore, the issue of weight loss should be approached in a comprehensive way:

- divide your breakfast into two halves, one of which you will eat in the morning, and the second - after three hours;

- divide the dinner into two halves, one at once, and the second during the afternoon snack - before six o'clock in the evening;

- if after six you are still hungry, small portions of light meals are allowed: salads, fruit or sour-milk desserts, and also low-fat fish;

- To reduce discomfort in the stomach before going to bed you can drink a glass of juice or kefir.

If you perform all these actions, then formonth you can lose weight from three to ten kilograms. And then, while continuing to adhere to the diet "do not eat after 6", you can leave feedback on the Internet yourself, sharing your experience and helping newcomers.

But most importantly - you will get a beautiful figure andlightness in your body. And finally get enough sleep, because the body will rest in a dream, and not waste energy to process kilograms of food consumed at dinner.

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