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Tips on how to remove fat from lyashek for a week

how a week to remove fat from lyashek

It's no secret to anyone that women are slender andbeautiful legs are crazy for many men and cause other representatives of the fair sex burning jealousy. Often, girls are tormented by the question of how to remove fat between lyashek. In fact, it's easy to do, you just need to know the main rules that must be adhered to in the process of losing weight.

Many girls believe that their thick lashes -this is the main reason, because of which their personal life does not develop, or there are diseases. In general, they bring a lot of suffering to their owners. That is why today, for them, the question of how to remove fat from lyashek in a week is far from rhetorical, because virtually every woman dreams of being perfect and attractive and is ready to exert tremendous efforts for this.


exercises to remove fat from lyashek

Asking myself the question of how to clean up a weekfat from lyashek, you should understand that nothing happens by itself. To achieve this goal, you first need to start eating right. In your diet should appear as much fruit and vegetables, but the use of sweet and fried foods should try to minimize. There is a need to slowly, carefully chew every piece of food. It is also important to know that you need to eat many times a day, but a little. This is much more useful than a one-time gluttony. Also, nutritionists recommend arranging at least sometimes unloading days. Do not forget about the water. On the day, any person should drink at least 1.5-2 liters.

Special exercises

Remove fat from lyashek is not so difficult as it isit could seem. For this, as already known, you need to start eating properly, and in combination with special exercises, the diet will give you a stunning effect.

  • how to remove fat between lyashek
    It is necessary to lie on the right side and bend in the kneeright leg. The left should be lifted above the floor and springy swinging up and down. The foot should not touch the surface. After you do 10 repetitions, turn over on the other side.
  • The best exercise is squats, soas for a week to remove fat from lyashek with their help is quite possible. You will not only begin to lose weight, but you will also pump up the muscles of your legs. Hands must be kept in front of you, the back should be even. Try not to lean forward much.
  • For the next exercise you needthere will be a chair. Stand near his back and put your hands on it. The right leg needs to be horizontally raised to the level of the belt and swing it, as if you want to kick something. Then change your foot.
  • Now it is necessary to turn to the sitting chair andalso lift your leg over the back. Hands should be stretched at shoulder level in a horizontal position. Try to make a semicircular movement over the back of the chair with a straight leg, without touching it. The same must be done with the other foot.
  • Sit on your knees so that your heels are under the buttocks. Raise yourself on exhale, coming off the floor. This exercise should be repeated several times.

Since a week to remove fat from lyashek is possible, the first results you will notice after seven days. But do not forget that this will happen only if all the rules are observed.

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