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Gymnastics for the back: an effective remedy for back problems

Back, in fact, is one of the weaknesses of therights. On the spine lies the main load, which is related to the weight of a person. Almost every second is faced with the occurrence of diseases of the spinal column. In order to reduce the risk of these diseases, it is advisable to perform a complex of fairly effective exercises for the back every day.

Problems with the spine may also occur inearly age (in the form of injuries received during childbirth), but can be acquired during life. This and scoliosis in adolescence, and osteochondrosis, and hernia of various parts of the spine. All these diseases are accompanied by headaches, pains in the limbs and, of course, in the back.

Modern medicine offers as a treatment for such diseases surgical intervention. But there is another way - gymnastics for the back.

On the spine every day a largeload. This is the person's own weight, and heavy bags, heels, uncomfortable positions during work and sleep. When strengthening the muscles of the back, the main load goes to the muscular corset. In this case, the gymnastics for the back contributes to the improvement of posture, a beautiful gait is developed and painful sensations are significantly reduced.

Required before starting the exercisefor back at home, you need to consult a specialist. Only after a thorough examination of the back, the doctor can recommend a certain set of exercises.

Gymnastics for the back largely depends on thedisease. In any case, all the exercises need to start with stretching the spine (you need to hang on the bar). This exercise should be done up to 2 minutes and listen to your body - all the load should go exactly to the spine, to relax it and stretch it from the top down. After a short rest, you can try to pull on the crossbar. This exercise well strengthens the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle. Then you need to bend back and bend your legs at a right angle to the body. Movements should be performed without jerks, smoothly and concentrate only on the muscles of the back.

With scoliosis, the gymnastics for the back is very goodis performed in the form of exercise: in the standing position on all fours, bring the left knee to the right elbow, round the back - exit, then pull as far as possible the arm and leg, bend and inhale. When doing this exercise, you should try not to swing, to keep balance with the tension of the dorsal muscles. Do up to 10 repetitions, alternating between the leg and arm.

The following simple and effectiveExercise: lie on the couch on the stomach. In this case, the pelvis and legs should hang. Slowly raise the legs closed together until parallel with the floor, holding on to the side edges of the couch. Try to keep your feet on the weight up to 6 seconds. After a smooth lowering, the exercise should be repeated up to 8 times.

Sufficiently effective are strength exercises for the formation of the muscular corset of the back. However, they can be performed only in the absence of exacerbation.

How to swing the back muscles, can tella highly qualified coach who can develop an individual program. But all the same at the beginning of these exercises you need to listen to your body, and in the event of even the slightest discomfort the training program should be corrected.

To the gymnastics for the back was the mostit is necessary to reconsider your way of life. Prerequisites for the emergence of pain can be and uncomfortable bed (a very soft mattress, too high a pillow, shoes with very high heels). Also, special attention should be paid to food. According to the recommendations of experts, you need to limit too salty foods, add to the diet products rich in calcium, protein and minerals.

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