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Tips on how to lose 10 kilograms per week

Willing to quickly get in shape, getting ready fora trip to the sea or for a romantic date, we try to bring your figure to an ideal order as soon as possible. To do this, most often resort to express weight loss, agonizing days of starvation. To urgently lose weight by 10 kg per week, you need to use special diets. Though it is necessary to remember that dropping so quickly weight, we create a great stress for the body. The optimal solution for losing weight after all will be a loss of one kilogram every day.

But sometimes there are exceptions to the rules. And if you need to quickly bring yourself in shape, then now you will learn how to lose weight by 10 kg per week. So, observe some rules for quickly getting rid of excess weight.

Forget about food or snacks after six hoursevenings. The maximum that you can afford at this time is low-fat kefir or mineral water. In addition, be sure to minimize the use of fat, even if your diet will be more plant foods. Every day include in its menu sour-milk products. Instead of the refined sugar, fresh fruits, which are useful for the body of vitamins, are perfect. Try to forget about flour products. Go more, do physical exercises. To ensure that your hair and nails do not become brittle and brittle during a stiff diet that will help you to lose weight so quickly, be sure to take vitamins. Thus, you will establish the correct work of the whole organism.

Before you lose 10 kilograms per week,be sure to read all the diagrams necessary for this, and choose a more suitable one for yourself. The first scheme is the elimination of fats. The whole week you eat only vegetables, as well as fruits and cereals. Forget about fish, eggs and meat. This is a very pleasant diet, because you can eat the most delicious and mouth-watering fruits and vegetables all week.

The second power scheme that will help you solveThe question is how to lose weight by 10 kg per week, is a complete exclusion from the sweet diet. You forget about sweets for the whole week. All sweet carbohydrates at this time are completely excluded. We drink tea without sugar, do not eat chocolate at all, forget about bread and biscuits. We limit the use of dairy products during this week, again here the emphasis is put on vegetables and fruits.

The third scheme is the use of onlyfresh products. We completely exclude preservatives and semi-finished products, we also do not consume canned products. We stop our choice only on fresh vegetables, as well as freshly frozen or chilled meat and fish.

If you follow one of the aboveschemes of a food you quickly solve a question, as for a week to grow thin for 10 kg. In addition, you will need willpower, the desire for victory, and it's worth forgetting about laziness. Do fitness, swim in the pool, so you will quickly achieve the desired result.

As for dieting for weight loss, you need hereremember that such emergency diets, which help in such a short time to lose an impressive weight of 10 kg, should be conducted no more often than once a month, or even once every two months. Not only that often carrying out such diets makes the results less effective, reducing them to nothing, and even damage to the body can bring considerable. After all, this is a huge stress for you and your body. If you start a diet, do not throw it half way, try to hold out until the end. It's worth it!

Let's find out how fast to lose 10 kg at home. For this, the Tallinn diet is perfect.

On the first day, you eat six boiled eggs a day.

On the second day of the menu a day a half a kilogram of fat-free cottage cheese.

The third day you must eat seven hundred grams of chicken fillet all day long.

So we got to the middle of the week. Now you, probably, it is difficult and it would be desirable to throw all. But believe in yourself, everything will work out for you, just try not to break. So, on the fourth day of a diet for a day you need to eat two hundred grams of boiled rice.

The next day offers us a menu of six boiled potatoes.

On the sixth day you can eat apples, and in any quantity.

And finally, on the seventh day, choose a menu of any day from the diet.

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