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Speed ​​skater Olga Fatkulina: biography, sports career, achievements

Olga Fatkulina, biography and sportsthe achievements of which are presented in this article, is rightfully considered the leader of the Russian national speed skating team. He is the world champion, prize-winner of the Olympic Games and a multi-time record holder of the country.

Biography of the sportswoman

Olga Fatkulina, whose photo can be seen below,was born in early 1990 in the metallurgical capital of Russia - Chelyabinsk. Until the third grade, the girl had absolutely no dream of a sports career, until Svetlana Zhuravleva came to work for her school. It was under her leadership that a new star of Russian speed skating was born.

Initially Olga did not take seriously these trainings. But over time, when the first successes and awards appeared, I realized that the speed skating for her came to the forefront in life.

olga fatkulina biography

For today the sportswoman has a lot of Russianand international titles. Also Olga Fatkulina is the author of the national records of Russia at the distance of 500 and 1000 meters, as well as in the sprint all-around.

First professional successes

In 2008, Olga Fatkulina first tookParticipation in the junior world championships, where she competed at once on four distances - 500, 1000, 1500 and 3000 meters. Kilometer race was the most successful for a young Russian woman - she won a bronze medal.

This result allowed Fatkulina to competeat the Russian Championship in 2009. And Olga acted sensationally, having managed in the fight against more mature and eminent rivals to take the high 4th place. In the same year, she brought three medals from the Junior World Cup: two bronze medals for 1000 and 1500 meters, and a gold medal for 500 meters.

Since 2010, Olga Fatkulina is one of theleaders of the Russian team. At the same time, the debut of an athlete took place at the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, in Vancouver, Olga, at distances of 500 and 1000 meters, did not manage to rise above 20 places.

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In 2011, Fatkulina wins the gold championshipRussia on both distances and wins sprint competitions. It shows all the best results, and some of them have become new national records.

2013 brought new Russian athlete newachievements and titles. Unexpectedly for everyone at the World Championships in the future capital of the Sochi Olympics, Olga Fatkulina won the first since 1996 for her team a gold medal in the kilometer race. She could overtake the world's most famous skaters, including Wust from the Netherlands and Nesbit from Canada.

In addition to this triumph, in the collection of Olga's awards was added bronze for the 500-meter distance.


Preparing for the home Olympics Olga Fatkulina inthe Russian national team began in the spring. Before the athlete was a difficult task - on the home arena had to perform at the highest level. Moreover, the Adler-Arena was for her a farting one - it was here that a year ago Olga became a world champion.

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As a result of the competition, Fatkulina becamethe ninth in the 1500 m race, and at a kilometer distance stopped a step from the pedestal, finishing fourth. But without a medal, Olga did not stay - at 500-meter distance she managed to win a silver medal, losing in the finals to a South Korean athlete only 0.36 seconds.

After the Olympic recession

After a successful performance at the Sochi Olympicstwo subsequent seasons, unfortunately, did not bring Olga Fatkulina new titles and high-profile victories. In 2015, she was satisfied with the fifth place in the world championship and the twelfth - in the World Cup. In the next season, Olga took only the sixth place in the sprint at the World Cup.

Fans Fatkulina believe that this is a plannedinter-Olympic slump in the game form, and closer to the Games of 2018, the leader of Russian speed skating will begin to show the results that will allow the Russian athlete to win medals again at various competitions.

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