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How to remove the ears on the hips: exercises at home

If at you for all harmony of a figure there are "ears"on the hips, then, most likely, most recently you have lost weight correctly. It is possible that the process of losing excess weight was carried out at a rapid pace, and solely by reducing the volume and calories of food. Therefore, excess weight, of course, quickly left, but the fat deposits remained in the most "problematic" places. After all, as you know, the first to lose weight and face. But these notorious "ears" are now unlikely to ever disappear without help. The surest way to get rid of them is a good set of special exercises that uses the muscles of this hard-to-reach area. I'll talk about how to remove the "ears" on the hips. These exercises are simple, and everyone can fulfill them.

how to remove the ears on the hips of exercise
Leaving the legs alternately to the sides is the best exercise of ballerinas

Let's start our lesson with one interesting device. Have you ever wondered why dancers do not have a problem with riding breeches on their hips. It turns out that they perform one good exercise that strengthens the leg muscles in this area. This is the alternate lifting of the legs or pulling them apart. We get up straight, you can hold on to the support, for example, a chair. We lift the right leg and take it aside, the left leg straight. So repeat 20-30 times in a row. The same we do with the left foot. Each time increase the number of approaches, gradually bringing them to 50-60. Now you know how to remove the ears on the hips. Exercises are simple, just try to carry them out regularly.

exercises to remove the ears on the hips
Squatting is very effective

Let's borrow from the ballet one moreA wonderful exercise to get rid of "riding breeches" on the hips. This so-called squat-plie. We perform it this way: stand up straight, legs are much wider than shoulders, socks are thus divorced in different directions. Slowly we squat as low as possible, we stay so for a few seconds and get up. Such an exercise will help us quickly solve the problem of how to remove the ears on the hips. Exercises are performed 10 to 15 times.

Mixing and raising legs from a prone position

What else can help us quickly cope with thetask? Makhi feet! Only we make them from a prone position. We lay down on the floor on the gym mat. Then we raise the straight legs up, we reduce them and plant them. You can slightly and diversify this occupation. The same can be done, only with knees bent at the knees. These are very effective exercises. To remove the "ears" on the hips they will help quickly. How many times do they perform? As much as you can, until you feel a little fatigued.

the ears on the hips can be removed quickly
Doing attacks

Now let's move on to strength training. The best exercise in this area is to drop the ears quickly on the hips on the hips. We stand up straight, hands in the sides. We make attacks alternately with the left foot, then the right one. Perform 10 pairs of movements per approach.

Thus, we considered a set of activities,which will help us cope with our problem. Practice regularly - and soon you will forget about your experiences about how to remove the "ears" on the hips. Exercises are very effective, and the result can be observed a week through two permanent workouts.

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