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Learn how to lose weight by 5 kg quickly and effectively

Let's start with the fact that you do not lose weight quicklyit is recommended, because it is a great stress for your body. But still there are cases when you need to quickly lose weight and build up. This is quite realistic, but it is not necessary to resort to such improvisations very often with your body. Very many effective diets quickly enough will help to solve a problem how to grow thin for 5 kg. These are mono-diets that help in a very short time to build. One of these diets is a banana diet. At the very beginning of the diet, on the starting day, you are allowed to eat three ripe bananas in five receptions and drink three glasses of low-fat milk. In the next two days, your menu will include one banana. On the second and third day, eat, slowly, stretching pleasure, for 1.5 kilograms of peeled bananas. Divide this number into five receptions. Every day, it is allowed to drink water and green tea. Sugar and salt are excluded for the duration of the diet. This diet is very effective. With her help, you can lose weight in 3 days by 5 kg.

You can try and another, no less effectivediet, calculated also for three days. Every morning you need fifteen minutes before breakfast to drink a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice. For breakfast you need to eat the protein of one egg, then, after an hour, you need to eat one grapefruit. After this, with an interval of an hour and a half to eat that protein, then grapefruit. So you should alternate protein with grapefruit all day, with the maximum possible to eat five proteins and five grapefruits a day. In addition, be sure to drink mineral, still water, at least two liters per day. You can drink green tea without sugar. For three days you can lose weight quickly by 5 kg.

Of course, not all diet for weight loss by fivekilograms are calculated for three days. There are very effective diets that take, for example, four days. One such diet is a perfect four-day diet, which allows you to lose from five kilograms and even more in four days. With her help, you solve the problem of how to lose weight by 5 kg, and this will happen quickly and without stress for the body. So, on the first day of such a diet all day you eat boiled rice without salt and drink tomato juice, also without salt. Eat and drink as much as you want. The next day, such a diet should drink 1% kefir and eat low-fat cottage cheese. Here, too, there is no restriction in the use of these products. The third day will please you with tea and boiled meat. The best solution is green tea with jasmine, it is very tasty even without sugar, and after all it's sugar you can not eat during this diet. Salt and sugar are generally excluded from the diet for this time. For meat, the best option is a chicken breast or turkey, and low-fat pork is also suitable. And on the fourth day you can eat cheese and drink red wine. On this day, do not drink water at all. However, on this day you quickly enough to get intoxicated, because all three days before that you were on a diet. This diet is a very interesting option to solve the problem of how to lose weight by 5 kg.

Very effective, but quite heavythe diet will help you to lose five kilograms in three days. You can follow it only if you do not have stomach problems. It is very important not to break. Although only three days need to be patient, yet it turns out to be very difficult. So please be patient in advance. So, every day in the morning, drink 150 milliliters of plain water. Add in it two teaspoons of honey and squeeze out five drops of lemon juice. Mix everything quickly and drink. For lunch, boil turkey and vegetables, with no more than half a kilogram. And for dinner you will find the most pleasant, tasty broth from white cabbage. It is prepared as follows: take a gram of cabbage and pour a glass of water, then cook for fifteen minutes. And, of course, we do not add salt. After all throughout the diet, salt is excluded from the diet. Drink the broth should be slow and measured, for half an hour. If you really want to eat before going to bed, drink a glass of one-percent kefir. Now you know exactly how to lose weight by 5 kg. Choose any of the above diets and start putting yourself in order.

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