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How to remove fat from the lyas quickly and without suffering?

For those who are interested in the question of how to remove fat from lilacs, there have long been several simple and effective ways to achieve the desired result without any effort or torture.

A beautiful figure means the absence of fatty deposits or the minimum amount of fat. In order to achieve rapid weight loss lyas, several exercises should be performed.

how to remove fat from lyashek

First you need to get dumbbells. But since we are girls, and it is more pleasant for us to spend extra money on another pair of shoes, we take half a liter bottles and fill them with water.

Exercise # 1

Place your feet shoulder width apart and sit down. In this position, your knees and feet should look in opposite directions, and the pelvis should be turned back. Dumbbell between the legs. Now take it by the top, get it up and put it back. Repeat this task 15 times. Then put the dumbbell (and in our case - the bottle) on the floor and do this exercise 10 more times.

This is one of the most effective exercises for those who are looking for ways to remove fat from lyas. However, you need to use different muscles, so we work further.

Exercise 2

You will need to take both hands on the "dumbbells" andput your feet shoulder width apart. Bend one leg to the thigh so that an angle of ninety degrees is formed, and the foot looks forward. At the same time, we make sure that the back remains straight all the time. Maximize the second leg to the side so you feel that the load has gone to the inside of the thigh. Stand in the starting position. Such an exercise must be repeated 12 times, after which you change your foot and work it 12 more times. Note, thanks to this exercise, we also work out the press muscles that all of us need, which is quite important.

rapid weight loss lilies

Exercise 3

Before doing the following exercise,Lie down on your back, rest. Now turn over and proceed. Pull one leg forward, and the second bend at the knee and then put it on the floor. The hand with the dumbbell is required to be put on the thigh of the leg that you pulled, and it should be raised as high as the stretch will allow. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg. Increasing the load is welcome. This exercise tells you how to remove fat from lilacs in a few days.

how to remove fat from calves

Exercise 4

The situation remains the same - you lie on your side. Here you just have to lift your elongated leg as many times as you can. After that, it's worth changing your legs. It is advisable to do this task at least 15 times on each side.

If you are also interested in the question of howremove the fat from the calves, you need as often as possible to perform one exercise - to rise from the floor to the elevation. Thus it is possible to take a load in hands (our exclusive dumbbells).

In this way, we presented to you severaloptions for how to remove fat from lyashek. In parallel, you should also review your diet and give up flour products, soda water and high-calorie foods. We wish you strength and energy to achieve the desired result!

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