/ How to jump correctly on a rope to lose weight. Simple Tips

How correctly to jump on a rope to lose weight. Simple Tips

Those who have long wanted to lose weight, for sureheard that the skipping rope is not just a child's play, but also an excellent tool to combat excess kilograms. Many do not even know how to properly jump on a rope to lose weight. And in vain, because with all its simplicity, it is able to give an excellent load to your body, which will burn a lot of calories. It is believed that the constant jumping on the rope gives a greater effect than a bicycle, swimming or even running. The main advantage of this method of losing weight is that it does not require any material investment or finding a special place for classes. You can jump where you want, the main thing is for you to be comfortable and comfortable.

How to jump on a rope to lose weight

how correctly to jump on a rope to lose weight

First of all, it is worth noting that this elementrefers to the class of cardiovascular equipment, which give a load on the cardiovascular system. For optimal effect, you should jump at 70 rpm. This approach will train your respiratory system and endurance of the whole organism. Many do not believe that you can lose weight by jumping rope. However, the results already in the first weeks will impress any skeptic, if you approach the training correctly. Exercises with this subject are able to give elasticity to your legs and hips. Surprisingly, the rope can help get rid of cellulite and flabby skin. Among other things, such trainings tighten the press and help "get rid of the stomach." In intensive classes, you can lose more than 500 calories per hour. But in order to understand how to properly jump on a rope to lose weight, it is important to monitor your pulse and general state during the whole workout.

Contra-indications to occupations

how to lose weight by jumping rope

Despite the mass of positive properties of jumps onrope, there are also a number of restrictions. You can not deal with heart disease, migraines, and if you have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, before you think about how to lose weight, jumping rope, consult a doctor for individual contraindications. It is important to practice on an empty stomach, you can not eat 2 hours before the workout. Drinking during jumping is not recommended, only if you really want, and then gradually.

Principle of training

If you want to achieve good results, do it systematically. Before training, be sure to warm up.

jumping rope you can lose weight
You can do slopes or sit-ups. Exercises before the jumps themselves will help you to speed up the blood flow and get oxygen in fuller volume. In addition, if you want to lose weight, warm-up will only be an additional assistant. To understand how to properly jump on a rope to lose weight, it is important to choose comfortable shoes for exercise, otherwise you will damage your tendons. Begin training slowly, gradually increasing the speed and pace of jumping. You need to land on your toes in a pose with half-bent knees and a straight back. Do not be chasing the maximum result of harassing yourself. If you feel the limit of your strength, then it's better to take a break.

If you are thinking about how to properly jumpon a rope to lose weight, remember that some training will not be enough. If you want to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible, limit the consumption of products harmful to the figure, fried, flour and sweet. Keep track of your condition, and after a month you will notice brilliant results.

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