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Covers for fishing rods - an integral part of the fisherman's gear

You are an avid angler and spend fishing allfree time? Or maybe, on the contrary, you go to it very rarely? In any case, with you, you take all the necessary equipment, and first of all, of course, the fishing rod. For its storage, you most likely use special covers for fishing rods. Of course, they do not significantly affect the outcome of fishing, but they perform many auxiliary functions. In addition to the standard advantages (ease of carrying and saving time), fishing rod covers also have a number of others, namely:


  1. Ensuring the protection of gear from adverse environmental factors. For example, from contamination and high humidity.
  2. A specialized tube will help to maintain the integrity of your rods in the event of shock and high tension. Even a strong and sturdy carbon rod can be damaged when exposed to force.
  3. Covers, as a rule, have pockets and compartments, in which you can put additional equipment (both for fishing and tourist). This will help to keep all the "trifle" in the right place.
  4. If you are an amateur strolling on fishing, the cases and tubes will be your true friends, providing convenient transportation of fishing rods.
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We choose covers

Nowadays, any product is representedmultiple variations, fishing rods are no exception. How, when you come to the store for fishing, do not get lost in the variety of goods presented on the shelves and make the right choice? There are no specific standards for this product: some anglers prefer short covers, while others prefer long ones. We will give some tips on how to choose covers for fishing rods.

  • If you get to the place of fishingindependently, for example, on foot, by bicycle or by public transport, then you will need long covers that measure from 1.50 m. However, if you use a car, they will be extremely inconvenient. Motorists-fishermen prefer sizes up to 1.30 m. They can easily be placed in any trunk or in the back seat of the car.
  • It is necessary to take into account the shape of the fishing rod whenchoosing a boot. If you have a rod without a coil, then you can use a standard elongated cover. But if the coil is already fixed, then on the cover (in the place where the coil should be) there should be a bulge.
  • Choose rods for fishing rods with additional compartments. The most convenient are the covers with three compartments. In them you will be able to place additional trifles needed in nature.
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Convenience of carrying is an important factor

It is worth considering the following: if you can walk to the pond on which you plan to fish, then you can safely purchase rods for fishing rods with handles. If the place of fishing is quite far away, it is better that on the case there are special wide straps that can be worn on the shoulders. Observing these recommendations and taking into account certain factors (fishing rod parameters, remoteness from the fishing place, etc.), you will be able to choose the best variant of the case. Of course, from the presence or absence of the cover, the productivity of fishing does not depend. But here the convenience of carrying you will be provided.

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