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Fishing in Orenburg with paid biting and good catch

What pulls this obsessive part of humanity towardswater, to mining? Is an ancient instinct preserved in the depths of the subconscious? And maybe it's just excitement or a desire to relax in the bosom of nature to restore strength? Sometimes it is necessary to climb farther from cities in search of a fish pond. Unfortunately, no one gives guarantees for successful fishing in such places.

There is a way out - these are reservoirs with paid fishing

fishing in Orenburg in the Urals
In Western countries, Japan has long existedsuch kind of business as paid catch of fish in private water bodies. Specially equipped places for fishermen, parking for cars, arbours for rest, hotels for spending the night - all these pleasures are provided by paid fishing. In Orenburg, this entertainment is also available on some water bodies. Among them are the following ponds and lakes:

  • Lebyazhye, where you can catch crucian and pike;
  • Hussar (Carp is found);
  • In the pond near the village of Chistoy you can catch carp and carp.

Fishing in Orenburg is possible, of course, and onother reservoirs, but no one guarantees there the cleanliness of the shores, healthy and large specimens of carp or pike. If there is a desire to simply leave the city and devote your time to sitting by the water with a fishing rod, then you can relax elsewhere. And then complain and complain that they say they went to such a distance, but there was no bite there, only time was lost in vain. The fish are there, of course, but there are no guarantees for good biting.

In the pond near Kargaly you can fish for free. On Dimitrovskoe reservoir, leopard and carp are caught.

What is the difference between paid reservoirs from free?

fishing in Orenburg
The fish, of course, live in many water bodies and rivers. However, where specific species are specially bred or fed, the number of its populations is several orders of magnitude higher than in an ordinary lake. In addition, before the weekend, when the number of fishermen increases, the owners of ponds can specifically purchase a "product with gills" to ensure uninterrupted biting. Fish do not feed for about 24 hours, and it eagerly grabs bait on hooks.

Paid fishing in Orenburg is not onlygood catch, but also the opportunity to catch healthy and edible pike, carp, carp and carp. Fish can be cooked here in a rented barbecue and even smoked. Cozy pergolas on the shore are equipped with tables and benches, where it is a pleasure to relax with the whole family. Fishing in Orenburg can bring a huge amount of fresh emotions not only to adults, but also to children. How much pride father will experience when his son catches a real carp from the lake! And then they together will fry a fish and treat companions on hobby.

Owners of private water bodies closely monitorcleanliness on the banks of their farms. The bottom of the pond or lake is cleared of snags that can damage fishing gear. Fishing rods and other devices can be rented, which is very convenient.

Another important factor in favor of toll lakes -this is that fishing in Orenburg in such places does not depend on the season and is allowed throughout the year. Payment can be made both for the collected kilograms, and for the time spent on the territory near the water.

List of paid reservoirs of the Orenburg region

paid fishing in Orenburg
Since paid fishing in Orenburg, in the Urals is becoming more popular, the number of reservoirs that provide this service can change.

  • In the ponds near the village. Grateful (Tulgan) and Perevolotsky you can catch carp, pike and carp.
  • In Mozharovsky lake, 40 km from Orsk - fishing on mirror carp.
  • In Lake Linevoy there are carp, pike, carp.
  • In the pond of the Aptula from the shore, catching bluegrass, perch, crucian carp and carp. Fishing boats are prohibited.

Fishing in Orenburg is a very popular kind of male and family recreation. The number of paid reservoirs increases, the order on the banks improves and the service for the visiting people.

Good catch!

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