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Bottom fishing rods: device and application

Bottom fishing rods (in the common people "zakidushki") -a tackle with a hook and bait, which is used for catching from the bottom or near to it. An excellent device for catching fish, constantly inhabiting the bottom. Experienced fishermen assure that almost all the fish are caught on the donk, even the one that lives all the time in the upper layers of the reservoir. This tackle is known to every fisherman, because this is the most idle rod in the application, and in its own assembly. During the start of fishing from the shore, basically this is the spring period, it is strongly recommended to catch the bottom fishing rod. This is due to the fact that after the ice has melted, the water begins to clear from the turbidity, and the fish tries to stick to the bottom. The same thing happens in the fall. Fishermen recommend for this fishing a moderate current or its absence, the banks overgrown with willow, with a large accumulation of beetles.

bottom fishing rods
Tack device

Bottom fishing rods are often equipped with a very largesinker. So you can make a long enough cast. If there is no desire to hang a heavy weight, a bottom fishing rod with a large feeder is used. It will perform the work of the sink on "excellent". For example, catching a bottom fishing rod in standing water is not the best choice, because a loose line will gather in a heap, which can not be said about catching in the current, when constantly moving water keeps the tackle in the latch, preventing tangling of the line. In addition, it is worth noting that this tackle, in general, has a fairly large supply of fishing line, which can cause some inconvenience.

Fishing techniques

bottom fishing rod with a trough
Bottom fishing rods are recommended to be cast withoutuse of rods, manually. Gently takes in the hand sinker (or feeder), pre-installed securely in the ground rod, and very far throwing tackle. If it was not possible to throw on the length of the entire unwound line, it can be collected back to the reel without removing the tackle from the water. Donka is left for a certain time, after which it is removed, and even then it will be possible to see its catch. However, impatient, curious anglers can install all sorts of signaling devices (bells, bells) on the fishing line - there are a lot of them, there are even electronic options.

Potential catch

At night, the bottom gear is not bad at all.burbot. The ideal place for fishing is the shore with a rocky or choked bottom on a steep bank. It is also possible to catch roach on bottom fishing rods. As a bait for catching this fish you can use small creep or worm. The Roach adheres to tributaries and estuaries, in places where the river flows into larger reservoirs, or vice versa.

bottom fishing
As already mentioned above, catching the bottom tackleis very universal - any fish can peck. But the biggest role is played by bait, because, using corn or peas, it is hardly possible to expect biting of the same perch. This is what makes it possible to use the universality of this gear 100 percent! Put on one hook, for example, peas, on the other - corn, and on the third - maggots. You'll see, a big catch is secured! Good luck!

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