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How to come up with a memorable motto for a sports team

motto for the sports team
Participating in various sports competitions,people often break up into teams. The process is very responsible, because each member of the team must invest all efforts in the successful performance of his group. In the first minutes of the tournament, nothing can unite players like a discussion of the name of their team and motto. The latter will be able to inspire them during a difficult competition stage. The motto for a sports team is a symbol that unites players. How to think of it, we will understand below.

First of all, let's define the name of the team. It should be short (about 2-3 syllables), reflect the best qualities of its players. Of course, the "name" of the collective can consist of several words that will fall on a certain rhythm. It is best if they correspond to one of the poetic sizes. Recall that there are only 5 of them: amphibrachium, anapaest, iambic, trochee and dactyl.

The motto for a sports team should not betoo long. The recommended size of the speech is no more than one quatrain. Otherwise, it will not be so spectacular and bright and will not produce the necessary impression on opponents and spectators. It is best if the motto is composed of several rhymed lines. Then it is easily remembered by the fans, and they will be able to support their favorite players, shouting out the name of the sports team and the motto.

motto of the sports team
At least one time must be written in the speechsound "name" of the team. In the event that the title does not appear in the screamer, it, firstly, becomes not so bright, and secondly, it is not clear to whom the support of fans is meant. The motto must undoubtedly emphasize the best qualities of the participants in the competition. If there are a lot of talented runners in the group, then in the speech it is necessary to say about the speed, speed and endurance of the athletes. The motto for the sports team should also emphasize the personal qualities of the participants in the competition: honesty, purposefulness, activity.

The main criterion by which to inventchirp, - its attractiveness for the members of the sports team. The motto will inspire the participants of the tournament only if it is laconic and pleasant by ear, and also emphasizes the positive qualities of their character and good physical preparation. Speech is obliged to personify the desire for victory and the desire to compete honestly, with all his might trying not to fail his team. This is the motto of the sports team.

the name of the sports team and the motto
So, now you understand how important it is forteam, participating in competitions, to come up with an inspiring chant. Such a chant can, at a difficult moment in the tournament, rally athletes and raise their morale, give confidence in partners. Remember that the motto for the sports team is a symbol of unity and joint efforts to achieve the goal, so it is important to make it bright and memorable. Members of the team must put their whole soul into making a beautiful and sonorous motto - and then the team will certainly accompany success at all competitions!

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