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What is advertising? Kinds, examples

What is advertising? How to organize it? Where it is better to place? Anyone who plans to open a business should start with these questions.

The notion of "advertising" originates from the word"Reclamare", i.e. "Shout out". Initially, it was assumed that advertising - it means to convey information about the product or service in any accessible way, to the widest possible range of people.

Today such an approach to the concept under consideration doesom any business to failure.

What is advertising today? It is the purposeful delivery of the necessary information to the people interested in it. This can be explained more simply: it makes no sense to talk about the benefits of a new youth social network in the Nursing Home. Students are unlikely to be interested in information, even the most colorful and detailed, about special pills for the elderly.

On the question of what advertising is today, there is a short answer. It's tactics and strategy. Before you begin to study it, you need to understand the terminology, types of branding.

On the composition of the target group, advertising can belarge, medium or weakly segmented. The more specific the service or product, the less the target audience. Example: new dental instruments. Such products are of interest to a very narrow group of people connected with this profession.

According to the effect on the audience, agitation can becommercial and social. What is social advertising? Attraction of attention to a certain object is not for profit, but for the purpose of creating a positive image. Example: before each election campaign is conducted, the purpose of which is to create the ideal image of a candidate.

Commercial advertising is designed to increase profits.

Branding differs in breadth of distribution. Advertising can be global, national, regional, regional, local. Advertisement on the porches, informing about the opening of a new economy-hairdresser, - local. Plots that are broadcast via satellite channels to the whole world are global.

By the way of its placement, advertising can be of the following types:

  • external (city transport, billboards, benches, curbstones, walls of houses, etc.);
  • printed (leaflets, press, business cards, souvenir products, etc.);
  • online.

What is online advertising? This is information that is placed on blogs,social networks, comes to the e-mail. Banners, hidden and explicit links, even spam are all kinds of such advertising. Today it is a very competitive method to convey information to a huge number of people.

By way of execution, agitation can be textual, musical, visual, mixed. Visual propaganda can be static (drawing, photo) or dynamic (clip, moving image).

By the method of influencing target groups, brandinguses two methods. The first is a direct impact. Here everything is very simple: "Buy our yogurt - the best yogurt in Russia". Indirect advertising is much thinner. Its goal is not to force the consumer to immediately buy a product, but to influence his thinking so that he can not do without this product (service, goods). Such advertising operates imperceptibly, almost at a subconscious level. Its creation requires knowledge of psychology and time.

Finally, in the manner of addressing the consumerAdvertising can be either personified or impersonal. A vivid example of the first is the stories of famous personalities about banks whose services they enjoy with pleasure.

Of course, this is not all information about advertising, butOnly a thin layer of knowledge that the entrepreneur must master before starting his own business. But even this minimum will help to understand what kind of advertising is preferable and will be able to bring the most desired return.

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