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Billboards - what is it? Manufacture of billboards, their sizes

Effective means of promoting goods andservices, and also companies as a whole is advertising. To attract attention to a wide audience, outdoor advertising is used. Billboard is an excellent tool for its placement.

What it is?

billboards what is it

The name of the construction "billboard" came from the USA. There, companies hung posters with advertisements ("bills", announcements) on wooden boards, boards ("boards"). The purpose of this design is to inform the participants of the movement and fix in their memory advertising information about the types of services provided, the company's products.

So, what about the billboards? What it is? These are panel constructions of outdoor advertising. They are fixed frames mounted on a support, lined with plywood or sheets of galvanized steel, covered with weatherproof compositions.

Important role of location

Billboards are installed along roads and streets, onroutes and highways with a rich traffic flow, dividing strips, on the roofs, ends and facades of buildings. Placement of outdoor advertising in places of maximum traffic and transport is the most effective in the advertising campaign, as daily such boards (billboards) get to representatives of all social groups in sight.

The most advantageous arrangement of shields with externaladvertising in the area of ​​reducing the speed of the moving stream ahead of traffic lights and turns, pedestrian crossings and other restrictive signs, in places of permanent traffic jams. Often they are placed near the place of sale of the advertised goods. To attract the attention of pedestrians, it is recommended to install advertising structures along the sidewalks. Effective is the shield installed on the dividing strip and covering opposite traffic flows.

Advertising on billboards

accommodation on billboards

Billboards should not be closed by objects that areinterfere with visual perception: buildings, trees, heavy vehicles. A convenient and accessible view of information on the billboards will have a positive result.

Such constructions attract attention to themselvespassengers when driving in traffic due to the screen size and bright design. These criteria affect the visual memorization of the image. Billboards should be attractive, but not overloaded with information.

Scientists have proved: perception and deposition in the memory of the picture is much faster than reading the text. To get acquainted with the information, the driver does not have enough time to not be distracted from driving a vehicle. Therefore, the placement of advertising on billboards should be thought through to the smallest detail.

Small tweaks

Not too much text, emphasis on graphicparts. The advertising slogan should convey the essence of the proposal. To do this, it is better to use a large and clear font. At a distance of more than 50 steps, the light text will not be visible, but too greasy will merge into a solid band. A simple outline of letters with contrasting tones is a great option.

Placing a large number of billboardstext information is possible near pedestrian crossings. This is due to the low speed of movement of people. The amount of information on the billboards should be such that a person during the movement had time to read the text from beginning to end. Bright illumination of billboards at night enhances the impact effect, and also forms a positive image of the company.

Individually designed advertising structuresemphasize the specificity of certain buildings, optimally combined with street architecture from an aesthetic point of view. The size of the billboard should be in harmony with the surrounding objects. So the advertising design will not cover the decorative elements of buildings.

Classification of structures

billboard size

1. By the number of parties on which information is posted. Depending on this, they distinguish:

- one-sided;

- Two-sided. That is, the side "A" is directed to the main flow of the stream, opposite to it is the side "B";

- Three-way billboards. What does this mean? This view provides for the integration of three planes into a structure for installation, for example, at an intersection;

- quadrilateral (less common).

2. In the form:

- flat;

- V-shaped;

- Triangular.

3. The size of the advertising field. The standard size of the billboard is 6x3 m. The commonly used and popular sizes of the boards are 6x3 and 12x3 m. There are large-format billboards 18.1x6.1 m. One of the advantages of such structures is the manufacture of structures of any size at the request of the customer.

4. By type of construction distinguish billboards demountable (transformers) and non-separable.

Types of advertising structures

1. Static are standard stand-alone structures.

2. Dynamic settings are most effective. The technology of production and design features provides for the sequential appearance of several images. These include prismbrands (prismatrons) - these are shields 3х6 m in size. The information field of such a design consists of trihedral equilateral prisms. If you rotate them by 120 °, images change, and when the cycle is 360 °, the picture changes three times.

billboards photo

Billboards of digital format show videos. There are models that use visual special effects, interactive and holographic images.

Today, in addition to traditional stationary shieldspopular are mobile billboards. What are these constructions? They are also called auto-cars, auto-cars, brandmobiles. Placed advertising on moving vehicles is very noticeable. A parked car easily turns a mobile mobile billboard into a stationary one. This kind of advertising is better to use as an addition to the shares held in different places.

Installation and assembly of structures

Before installing billboards, you must selecta specific area and analyze its patency. So determine the future location of the shield. For first-time structures, you need to obtain permission for their placement and coordination with the relevant services: city authorities, departments for advertising activities and architecture. Usually these organizational moments are dealt with by advertising agencies. And yet the format of the shield is regulated by the city departments of architecture.

Usually profitable places are already occupied, so muchIt is easier to purchase or rent an established structure from advertising agencies and conclude an appropriate contract with them. Install the support of the billboard on a block foundation or a monolithic plate with reinforcement.

Billboards are exposed to wind and snow influences, so special attention is paid to installation. The installed structure must be strong and reliable.

Factors Considered During Installation


- Against the background of other competitive advertising mediaIt should be your billboards. Photos, drawing, background, number of characters, spacing between letters and words, color and text font - all this is important!

- The angle between the plane of the billboard and the direction of the moving stream.

- Visibility of the billboard. Advertising field should not be closed trees, buildings, pillars, road signs. At night, lighting is recommended to use the backlight.

- Requirements of transport inspection - observance of permissible distances from the carriageway to the shield during installation.

Production features

Terms of placement of billboards - high-qualitythe production of billboards. For this purpose, the substrate is covered with galvanized steel or plywood. The surface is treated with a special protective compound (for example, linseed oil) or sheet metal. This prevents destruction from the effects of adverse weather conditions.

Poster printing

advertising on billboards

Posters for billboards are made in the printing house. With non-standard solutions, they are combined with special illumination, 3D elements, inserts, fragments that protrude beyond the boundaries of the advertising field. Printing is performed:

on thick paper. It does not tolerate the influence of weather, therefore the life of such posters is insignificant. Recommend to use for one-time advertising.

- on the fabric from which the banner is made. A billboard with such a fabric will look qualitative and interesting.

What methods can I apply an image?

- Painting;

- graphic arts;

- Self-adhesive film;

- Wide-format full-color printing.

For small print runs of posters (up to 5 pieces)recommend the use of self-adhesive film, which is unpretentious to weather conditions and is represented by a large palette of shades. The most laborious is painting, since it has limitations on the quality of paint and the duration of production. Used for exclusive advertising with a unique concept.

Popular methods

A popular and simple way thatis placed on billboards - printing, which provides for digital or offset printing. The first method is used to print posters only from thick paper and small print runs (minimum of 10 posters).

Offset printing information onspecial banner (vinyl) fabric of different density. With proper installation, the poster's life is up to 3 months. Over time, it will need to be replaced (due to weather conditions, rapid burnout of dark color). Pre-print preparation and production of banner from banner fabric takes a lot of time.

For the production of a single advertising photo forOne day you can use a large-format printing. Special color printers are printed both on thick paper and on a vinyl sheet. Popularity among the methods of drawing images is acquired by the electrostatic method.

Advantages of billboards

billboard banner

- affect the broad target audience, effectively affect the participants in the transport and pedestrian traffic;

- cover a large territory when conducting advertising campaigns;

- display a colorful picture and text of good quality of any complexity and size;

- the structures have sufficient strength and reliability;

- in addition illuminate the areas located near the shield at night.


So, billboards - what is this? This is a kind of outdoor advertising, effectively acting on all social strata of the population. Shield structures are widespread in modern society and are the most popular in advertising.

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