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The beauty of the places where Bounty ads were filmed is fascinating

Advertising, flickering on television, usually spoils the mood, but there are such commercials that look nice, and I want to see them again.

where advertising bounty was made


The surrounding world of nature gives us its beauty, itmakes us look at ordinary things in a completely different way. Companies engaged in advertising activities understand this perfectly and use this move in their actions. This is especially true of the beautiful tropical islands. These paradise corners are very popular with tourists, and the video of any such island causes a lot of pleasant impressions. However, it's difficult to say with certainty where advertising for Bounty was made, because there are hundreds or maybe thousands of such wonderful places on our planet. All perfectly saw the soft golden sand, the turquoise of the sea wave and, of course, as the apotheosis - a coconut giving its flesh to milk chocolate. As a result - the taste, appreciated by lovers of sweets. Such islets of happiness can be found in Thailand, the Maldives, the Dominican Islands.

island where bounty ads were shot

Versions and assumptions

So, where did the advertising for Bounty go? The very translation of the word means generosity. The brand's owners, as it were, emphasize the natural diversity, its wealth, suggest that we feel on our personal experience all the delights of paradise pleasure. Indeed, many coastal parts of tropical islands are strikingly similar to each other, and only the inveterate traveler can understand the nuances of this or that place. As one of the variants of the island, where ads were filmed "Bounty", mention Saona from the Dominican Range. The honor of his discovery belongs to the famous Italian, who was on the Spanish service, Christopher Columbus. But this place remained far from the warlike conquistadors, and therefore preserved its pristine beauty. Magnificent sandy beaches, an amazing color game in the waters washing the coast of the island, are ideal for the Bounty brand concept. But not the fact that they shot it there.

where ads were made in the bounty, Crete

Nature and advertising

There are many more places on Earth with stunningnature, which can boast of chic views, provincial silence and attractive simplicity of life. There are a lot of assumptions as to where the Bounty ads were shot. Crete, as one of them, is quite suitable for these purposes. The island is not only a great place to relax, but also has a rich historical heritage. Therefore, the authors of the video could consciously choose it, emphasizing the bliss and luxury of the ancient Greek symposia. But here there is one discrepancy in advertising: a coconut, falling from a palm tree, breaks to the ground, showing its snow-white flesh, and coconuts on Crete do not grow. Therefore, this island is not suitable for the video spot. "And yet, what is he, an island where advertising was filmed" Bounty "?" - there is a natural question. One of the versions suggests the Thai island of Koh Samui: there is the largest coconut plantation, the beaches are quite diverse, but it fits perfectly into the general idea of ​​paradise pleasure. Nevertheless, the region where Bounty ads were shot is not so important, it is much more important the natural generosity that the Earth gives us in abundance.

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