/ How to use the package as an advertisement?

How to use the package as an advertisement?

A plastic bag is a familiar thing ineyes of each person. It is not striking, but it is constantly in sight. Advertising on such media can be an excellent opportunity to promote their products. Use some tips to make it effective.

1. Use only high pressure bags (HPP)

Yes, they have less strength than packageslow pressure, but they look much more presentable. To keep the media longer and retain its appearance, use thicker polyethylene. It's a little expensive, but people go with your advertising longer. If you want to save money, order medium pressure packets (PSDs). They are slightly cheaper, but more durable. They look cheaper. Low pressure packages can be used to carry heavy loads. Apply only to those companies that have established a full cycle, that they can guarantee quality production of bags. Firms that purchase polyethylene from a third-party company will not be able to provide you with the full range of opportunities.

2. Avoid aggressive advertising

Remember, the buyer will not walk with flashyadvertising. Most likely, he will put such a product in his bag. People willingly use carriers with advertisements of famous brands. Therefore, if your company is new, it's better to put your logo on the wall of the package, without any inscriptions. So it will look like an ordinary drawing and people will use the package until it has a beautiful appearance. Of course, in this case you will need another way to tell the buyer about yourself. For example - advertising in newspapers. The association with the drawing will pop up instantly and the reader will pay attention to such advertising. The longer you use this method, the more effective the advertisement.

3. Humor and creativity to help you

Try somehow to beat holes for hands anddrawing. This will appeal to the buyer, he will more often use the package with your logo. In the network there are many options for the original playing of pens and drawings. Think, consult with the designer.

4. Use eco-friendly packages

In this, first of all, the advertiser is interested. Advertising, which rolls in the garbage or on the ground, produces the opposite effect. Therefore, use environmentally friendly materials. Those that quickly decompose if placed under the sun or put in water.

5. Spread the time for advertising to be postponed in the mind

Remember that in the minds of the buyer, the brand will becomeremembered not immediately, so the longer people pass with your packages, the better. Offer free advertising in different parts of the city. But just so it is not necessary to distribute it in the street. Offer it to stores with relevant topics.

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