/ Is advertising justified on Facebook?

Is advertising justified on Facebook?

"Facebook" is known to 99% of Internet users,this is a very popular network, it gathered a huge number of people from all over the world. Many remember times when it was a small portal for communication, and now it is a global multiplayer platform. The most interesting thing is that "Facebook" originated much earlier than the very concept of "social networks", and the name of the creator is known throughout the planet - it's never finished Harvard Mark Zuckerberg.

The History of Mark Zuckenberg

Since the 6th grade, this young man withnon-standard thinking pored over the creation of something big and interesting. And as we all can see, it is extremely successful in this! The casual conception of "Facebook" occurred on February 4, 2004 in the room of the student hostel. Who would have thought that such a giant was born so imperceptibly! But the stubbornness of the creator has done its job, and now his brain is thundering all over the world!

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Profitability of advertising in "Facebook"

It should start with the fact that advertising in "Facebook"incredibly popular. This is due to his attendance. The more people see the ad, the better it will work. There is no reason to place cheap advertising on any unknown portal. In money, yes, you will save. But of course, it will not work.

"FaceBook" has already reached the record of attendance, beatingwith historical indicators. 1 billion people go there only for a day, just think about these numbers! Naturally, advertising in Facebook is profitable, even based on the number of users. Among the hundreds of thousands of people with very high accuracy is exactly your customers.

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Types of advertising in "Facebook" and its cost

Interesting fact: advertising in Facebook began to exist with a scandal. It flared up due to the use of data from network users, which, of course, this was not suspected. But this misunderstanding did not prevent "Facebook" from becoming a leader in the advertising policy of the Internet. There is no unambiguous answer to the question about how much advertising costs in Facebook. The user needs to understand, what exactly does he expect from advertising and whichthe result is hoped. Proceeding from these data, it is necessary to choose exactly the kind of it that is needed. In connection with the fact that advertising in Facebook is very popular, its cost is by no means small. But this does not stop people, since it is foolish to save on popularization of the brand, product, service.

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There are entire agencies that provideservices for placing advertisements in social networks, it is beneficial to contact them if you have never encountered such kind of advertising campaigns, Internet marketing is fundamentally different from media and banner advertising. </ span </ p>

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