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Did you know that the printing house is ...

Now humanity is quite dependent ona variety of printed products, and most often we do not notice it at all. No one thinks about the fact that without print advertising can not function fully: in shops and cafes they will not be able to issue checks, schools and universities will be left without living textbooks, and literature will remain only in electronic form. And this is only a small part of our life, which would have changed radically, the concept of a printing house or a seal has disappeared.

What is a printing house?

The meaning of the word typography is very simple: is a company or a company that produces printing products. To be more precise, this is an enterprise whose main task is to type and print a variety of publications. In the average printing house, the client can order any printed products from business cards and to large-circulation glossy magazines. And you can order only printing or printing together with the preliminary development of the product itself. In other words, you can come to the printing house with a request to print business cards to you, or you can order the development of these business cards from scratch and print them.

Typography is

From the history of the printing house

The first printing house in Russia was called "Moscowprinted courtyard, "and founded it in 1553. We can learn about it thanks to Henry von Staden, who mentioned the printing court in his notes.The first dated book was the" Apostle ", published in 1564. The first printing house can also be proud such as the Gospel, the Psalter, the Triode of Color, and many others.This was the beginning of the history of book publishing, which at the moment, unfortunately, begins to die out, unable to withstand competition with e-books, publications and advertising.

What are typographic enterprises?

Quite often the printing house is an enterprise,which customers can offer not so many kinds of products. And this is understandable, given the fact that professional equipment for printing certain types of publications is worth a lot of money. For example, in order to print a circulation of good magazines, it is best to use a web offset press, the cost of which is usually only valid for really large companies. For this simple reason, there are very few universal companies that can produce virtually any printed or printed products.

Printing houses of Russia

The most popular printing companies -these are digital salons and offset enterprises. As a rule, they are engaged in small-circulation publications and can print their printing products relatively inexpensively.

What services can the printing house offer to its customers?

As already mentioned, the printing house isan enterprise that engages in printing. And as we all know, printed products are still considered one of the main ways of advertising. Therefore, first of all among the services of printing companies, it is necessary to name exactly the printing of promotional items. All printing houses in Russia will be able to offer you such kinds of advertising products as brochures, flyers, leaflets, booklets and catalogs. It is worth saying that this list is actually much longer: here you can add diaries, notebooks, folders, packages and other similar products with special brand logos or inscriptions. This is not only a very effective way of advertising, but also an excellent method to show the good status of the company, because you will have a number of products with your name.

meaning of the word typography

Printing services in Moscow

It would seem that the printing house is already dying outart, because virtually all prefer electronic publications. But in fact, printing services are now in high demand, especially in the capital. To find a suitable typographic enterprise, you do not need to look for special or complex ways. All you need is phone numbers of printers or better even their e-mail addresses. An even easier way is to find the site of the printing house you are interested in and find out everything you need. In addition, most companies offer their clients online advice, where you can ask the question you are interested in and instantly get an answer to it.

first printing house

Why do you still need print advertising?

At the moment, more people are switchingon electronic advertising, not to mention the literature and general communication. It really is more convenient and cheaper, so why do they continue to use printed products?

Firstly, no matter how smartInternet advertising, printed flyers or business cards will forever remain a universal way to attract customers or spread information. In addition, although electronic resources are gaining momentum, but not all are "feeding" on them. Printed products make it possible to cover virtually the entire accessible audience, while the electronic is sufficiently limited in this.

Secondly, advertising printing is very effectiveworks where the work is fixed on a specific territory. If you are interested in advertising in a separate location, in a particular area or city, advertising or distributing information using printed materials will be here as irreplaceable helpers.

phones of printing houses

The most convenient and useful seal in this context,this, of course, is offset. Typography is a place where you can create an incredible advertisement or information publication with the help of offset printing. This is easy to achieve by printing halftones and printing is cheaper, but in large runs. Well, the traditional print is the best for products that can be used at exhibitions, for advertising online stores or the classical promotion of one's own business.

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