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Social PR-technologies

Social PR-technologies are the most complexsubspecies of methods of public relations. This diverse form of PR should not be confused with social advertising, because it has its own goals and ways to achieve them.

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If we consider PR-technologies in general, then alltheir kinds exist in order to build trust. Specifically, the same social PR exists to build trust between the society and its environment. In general, the peaceful and secure life of people within the state is the end result to which representatives of social PR seek.

Modern PR-technologies in the social spheredevelop through the work of individual organizations or initiative groups. They find the necessary resources to solve existing problems and achieve harmony in social relations. These organizations employ people who are able to achieve the establishment of relations among the authorities, the population and so on. They try to convey to all the optimal ways out of difficult situations.

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Unfortunately, a large number of suchinitiative groups continue to think that social PR-technologies consist only in conveying information about the existing problem to the media. But in fact, the establishment of public relations primarily involves receiving feedback. The parties, between whom the trust relationship should be built, enter into a dialogue, and not simply informed about the state of affairs through the media.

Social PR-technology is a system of receptionsinfluences of a different kind that are used to achieve a concrete result through social planning and working with the society as a whole. The building of trust relations between representatives of different spheres of the public is carried out through various works in the fields of management, education, artistic creativity and so on. Social PR-technologies can be created not only artificially, but also in the process of evolution of social consciousness.

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In general, to achieve the ultimate goal and solutionproblems are used two tools - social space and time. Thus, these PR-technologies can be understood as the implementation of an algorithm of actions. This algorithm obeys certain conditions and thereby in the process of making changes to social objects.

The success of the social PR-company will be directlydepend on several factors. First of all, it is important to what extent the initiative group has studied the essence of the problem, the history of its origin and the current state of affairs. The next important step is the preparation of a carefully thought-out plan of action. And finally, it is the degree of team co-ordination that will determine the effectiveness of the work done and how quickly the desired results will be achieved. Plus, all such organizations should immediately exclude such methods as the use of false information and the like.

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