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Hotels in London - make your vacation unforgettable.

Each of us wants to have a decent vacation andget a lot of positive emotions. If you want a relaxing holiday in the country without the scorching sun, but with a lot of attractions, then you need to go to England. The capital of this country will welcome tourists and offer them a cultural pastime. London is the heart of world fashion, the center of flea markets and brand stores. You will not have problems with the entertainment program. A huge number of sightseeing tours are at your service. But how to determine the place of residence? Hotels in London have a fairly high pricing policy. There are more than a thousand of them here. But reviews about hotels in London are almost always positive. In the event that you want to arrange an unforgettable vacation, you need to stop at one of the best hotels in the city. Of course, the prices for their services will not please everyone, but rest will leave only warm memories.

Hotels in London honorably representsInterContinental. It is considered the most standard has just huge rooms. They are also technically well equipped and attractive with modern interiors. You can have a delicious meal in the best Italian restaurant in the city. The hotel has a large business center, a spa, and professional babysitting services. Owners of animals can freely rest here with their pets.

The interior of the Hotel Baglioni is solid vintage. Black ceramics, white and black stripes, copper, diffused light. All this creates a very romantic atmosphere. Interesting nuance: you can order the services of a guide on shopping. What more do women need? There is also a beauty center and a spa. The hotel offers its guests a large background and a video library.

Hotels in London, which can be attributed to the unusual,represents Sanderson London. Here you will see only white tones in the interior, an original bar with toy furniture, and in the local restaurant you can taste dishes of Malaysian cuisine. The hotel has 150 rooms, among them even pent-houses, which have their own elevator.

Creative and slightly crazy nature choosesuch hotels in London as Sanderson London and St Martins Lane. From the outside, you can not say that their interior is more than original. Teeth instead of chairs, room numbers on the floor, unthinkable beds and lighting. This is really a paradise for non-standard people. There is a bar, spa and massage services are available, and babysitting can be arranged.

Brown's Hotel is the place that alwayswill be filled with celebrities. If you dream of meeting with the idol, you here. This hotel is located on Piccadilly and offers bright rooms, filled with an atmosphere of lightness and elegance. Here a lot of attention is paid to details. In restaurants, you can taste English food.

Extra-class leisure offers guests ownersThe Montcalm. There are a lot of technical innovations: heated toilets, a shower with ten modes, a pool with a counter current. The interior of the rooms screams for luxury and elegance. A lot of attributes of a pleasant stay are at your service.

Hotel Dorchester is famous all over the world for its cuisinetheir restaurants. 120 chefs prepare delicious dishes for guests, as well as conduct numerous master classes. And the 10 most luxurious rooms are named after the designers who created them.

Connoisseurs of English comfort always stopin Number 11. Each room of the hotel has its own unique interior. There are many quiet and cozy places for recreation, a huge number of photos on the walls and everything is stylized for classic antique luxury.

Of course, London hotels cause mostly onlypositive emotions. But there is nothing perfect. The prices here are certainly higher than in many cities around the world. In some hotels you can face such a thing as a leisurely service. Sometimes tourists are not satisfied with the English system of water supply: cold and hot come from different cranes. And also interior designers often go too far, and guests complain about too spacious, uncomfortable rooms in hotels.

The capital of England attracts tourists from different cities of the world. Hotels in London are diverse and diverse. You will definitely enjoy a vacation in one of them. So, that start to collect suitcases.

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