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Tyrrhenian Sea: nature and resorts

Near Naples and Rome is the most beautifulcoast of Italy - "Riviera Odyssey" with the famous resorts of Terracina, Sperlonga and others. Wonderful bays, interrupted by small towns and mountains, adorn the coast. This is the Tyrrhenian Sea - crystal clear, blue, calm. This is part of the Mediterranean Sea, which is washed by the western coast of Italy.

Tyrrhenian Sea

Here are the provinces of Tuscany, Campania, Lazio and Calabria. Many call this sea one of the most beautiful in the world, whose coast is adorned with amazing natural natural parks.

The name of the sea came from the word that the ancientGreeks called the inhabitants of Lydia (Asia Minor). The ancient Romans referred to this as the "Lower" sea, in contrast to the "Upper" (Adriatic) sea. The Tyrrhenian Sea is located between Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and the Apennine peninsula.

In the central part its depth reaches 3719meters. With other parts of the Mediterranean Sea is reported straits: in the north - Corsica, in the south - Sardinsky, in the west - Bonifacio, in the south-west - Sicily, in the southeast - Messinsky.

The main ports of this sea are the ItalianPalermo, Cagliari, Naples, as well as the French Bastia. The most famous area on the coast is Liguria, which is the most popular tourist destination, which attracts travelers to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Tyrrhenian Coast

Here the sea is harmoniously combined with the descendingto it mountains, stunningly beautiful beaches. This is a great place for rest, scuba diving, yachting, boating. This is generally one of the best places in the world for yachting. Here you can find yachts of any class and size almost everywhere.

From Moscow to Rome, about three hours of air travel. All resorts of the coast can be reached by using the transfer service. The Tyrrhenian coast includes hundreds of kilometers of beaches, picturesque nature, a transparent sea, small cozy towns, each of which is unique in its own way, has an interesting history, culture and traditions. The main resorts on the sea are Anzio, Sabaudia, Formia, San Felice Circeo, Sperlonga, Terracina, Gaeta, Bahia Domitia.

Resorts on the sea
The beaches here are mostly pebbly or stony, very well maintained, not wide, sheltered from the wind by hills and rocks. There are also sandy beaches, they can be found on the coast from Alassio to Santo Lorenzo.

The beach season here is quite long,lasts from May to October. The average temperature is on average several degrees higher than on the Adriatic Sea. The Tyrrhenian Sea is ideal for swimming and diving with masks.

Rest here is well combined with a visitfamous cities nearby - Rome, Naples, Pompeii. The excursion program can be quite rich, since it is convenient to get to the sights from here. It is also worth visiting the islands of Ischia and Capri, so that the rest is truly multifaceted. On Capri there are many cozy secluded coves, hidden from the views of high rocks and dense vegetation. Here you will like those who like to be alone with nature.

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