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CBS Greece hotel, sun, sea, sand ...

Greece is one of the heavenly places on earth,finding yourself in that once, I want to come back again and again. Stay in this country leaves a deep imprint in the soul of a person. Antique monuments of ancient times, ancient ruins, streets, along which Hercules, Homer, Aristotle walked ... Dwellings of the ancient Greek gods, from which though there were not many, but which retained the most important thing - the unique spirit of ancient times - the times of Greek mythology and full adventures of heroes.

The mainland Greece is markedly different fromisland part of the country. It is on it that most of all temples, settlements and statues have been preserved. For example, the ancient city of the Acropolis with its pagan temples in Athens, Delphi, where the oracles once prophesied and the Delphic games were held in honor of the Greek god Apollo, the kingdom of Mycenae and ancient Olympia ... It is impossible to re-read everything, because every Greek city has its own history and unique spirit.

The island part of Greece, although it has preserved the remainsits history, but still turned into a center for youth entertainment and arranged for tourists, because it depends on their spending, how much the country's budget will be filled.

The most popular among touristsenjoy the island of Dodecanisi (in translation from the Greek "dodeca" - twelve, "nisi" - the island). The first largest island is Rhodes, then Karpathos. Kos Island Greece occupies the third largest space on the Dodecanese. Let's get to know him better.

Kos Island in Greece is called "the garden of the Aegeansea ​​", because it is famous for its unique land and underwater vegetation, reminding of paradise. This is one of the most environmentally friendly corners on the planet. But in addition to the rich vegetation, the island of Kos Greece is famous for its sights, for the examination of which you need to spend a few days. And the stormy night life, so characteristic of this European country, will make even the most lazy tourist a good rest.

The capital of the island of Kos Greece chose "namesake." The city of Kos is famous for its sights, beaches, azure coast of the Aegean Sea and, of course, the castle of the Knights, which was erected in the 15th century by the Knights-Johannits. In addition, as in any busy city in Greece, Kos has its own archaeological part and its own surviving market or agora, as the Greeks call it.

On the island of Kos, Greece hotels are famous for the fact that theirThe beaches are covered with volcanic sand - golden, white and black. The island of Kos has preserved its other attractions to our days more than beautifully. These are the ruins of the temple of Asclepius, which in Greek mythology was a god-healer. Until today, the well-known tree - the plane of Hippocrates, which, according to legend, was planted by the ancient Greek physician, has been preserved. Ancient ruins with Fort Pili will also leave an indelible impression on tourists.

At Kos Greece hotels are scattered all over the territory. Here you can always find a hotel for every taste and purse - from fashionable five-star to two-star. In addition, if you do not like the best hotels in the island of Kos or a hotel stop, you can rent and apartments - their choice is also wide. But at Kos Greece hotels are the best place to relax, because they always include at least breakfast.

If you decide to combine an inexpensive price andexcellent conditions for recreation, the island of Kos Hotel Atlantis is always at your service. This four-star hotel is located in the capital of the island, two kilometers from the center of the capital. Constructed according to all modern standards, the hotel complex Atlantis will always welcome visitors to the island. The location of the hotel allows you to enjoy views of the Aegean Sea or the island of Perylimos. This is an ideal place for a family holiday, as the hotel is far from nightlife.

So, on the island of Kos, Greece hotels are waiting for their visitors. Plan your trip and your vacation will be unforgettable!

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