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Adriatic Sea: resorts of different countries

What a magic word - the Adriatic ... From him blowsaffectionate sea breeze, it smells of summer and freedom. Adriatic is the magic of doing nothing, excursions to the most picturesque countries, ethnic songs of Italians, Albanians, Montenegrins ...

If someone wanted to determine which seais the most "international", then not the last place in the list would have occupied the Adriatic Sea. It washes Italy, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro. Even in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, tourists can rest on the Adriatic coast, although its extent in these countries is minimal: 47 and 20 km. The resorts of the Adriatic Sea are as diverse as the countries whose banks it is washing. In Italy, the holiday is more expensive, and the service is as close as possible to the European level. In Montenegro, modest conditions quite correspond to relatively low prices. Even in Albania extreme lovers can have a good time.

Adriatic sea resorts

Adriatic Sea. Resorts in Italy

The most famous resort of Italy on the coastThe interior, closed on three sides of the sea, is called the Adriatic Riviera. This is perhaps the most democratic place in Europe. A lot of hotels of different classes attract tourists not with their luxury, but with their accessibility.
What attracts tourists to the Adriatic Sea? Resorts, in addition to accessibility, are distinguished by luxurious sandy beaches, abundance of discotheques and night clubs, sports facilities of different directions. Young people here can have fun all day long, people of more solid age will enjoy the wonderful nature and excellent service. Parents with young children will also find what to do: Mirabilandia, Fiabilandia, Aquafan and a lot of water parks will not bother either babies or adults. What is the difference between the "Italian" Adriatic Sea? Resorts here have no pronounced borders, but smoothly pass one into another. Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica, Milano Marittima, Gabicce Mare, Pesaro ... The atmosphere of each of these cities is unique, and the rest is great everywhere.

Adriatic sea resorts prices

Adriatic Sea. Resorts in Croatia

They are also great for resting children andparents. There are many hotels here, the service is quite consistent with the price level. But the beaches here are not sandy, but pebble. In some places there is not even a pebble: it is replaced by an artificial concrete covering. Only in the area of ​​Dubrovnik you can find sand or sand with pebbles. However, despite this, the beaches of Croatia occupy one of the first places in their quality. Thalassotherapy is developed here.

Adriatic Sea. Resorts of Slovenia

Slovenia pampers tourists from June to October. At this time, the sea is warm (24-25 ° C), and the air warms up to 30 ° C. Portoroz is the most expensive and prestigious resort in Slovenia, but there are many other, more accessible, but no less convenient and attractive. Isola is more suitable for children's recreation, Piran attracts history buffs, Strunjan pleases holidaymakers with coniferous and olive groves. However, all the resorts of the Adriatic Sea are located in Slovenia. The resorts of Montenegro are just as good.

resorts of the Adriatic Sea

Adriatic Sea. Resorts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

These countries account for only 20 kmcoast of the Adriatic Sea. Here is the only resort - Neum. About how well it is to spend time in it, says the following: it is Neum that brings the greatest revenues to the country's budget. Therefore, for tourists there are almost ideal conditions.

The Adriatic Sea is also beautiful in Albania: shallow, warm, it differs by gentle sandy beaches. However, due to the instability of Albania, tourism there is not very developed. Therefore, it is better to choose other countries where there is the Adriatic Sea. Resorts, the prices of which vary depending on the conditions, offer a lot of options for a variety of recreation.

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