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Beach resorts in Italy: brief information

Italy, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, is a countrywith a long and varied coastline. The sea along the whole coast is called differently: in the west is the Ligurian, in the south is the Tyrrhenian, near the "foot of the Italian boot" -Ionic, in the east - the Adriatic (all these seas are parts of the Mediterranean). Not surprisingly, Italy's beach resorts in total stretch for almost 6800 kilometers. This country is definitely located among the main resort destinations in the world. At least 226 beaches have an honorary Blue Flag.

Beach resorts in Italy
Traditionally, Italian villages were built inprotected areas, often on hills above the sea, since until the first half of the twentieth century, coastal lowlands, as a rule, were malarial areas. Therefore, today you can find historical centers located in the interior, and modern beach resorts in Italy - in the suburbs, along the sea.

List of the most popular resort citieshead Portofino and Cinque Terre. They are always the focus of travelers. Recreation in the Cinque Terre is like a fairy tale. On a small area of ​​the rocky coast of the Italian Riviera in the eleventh century, five villages were built.

Resorts in Italy reviews
No, they are not youth resorts in Italy, theyare designed for people who appreciate a calm, relaxed holiday. Indeed, it's hard to believe that in our dynamic 21st century somewhere people live quietly away from the vortexes of civilization, enjoying the beauty and silence that surrounds them.

Today the villages (towns) of Cinque Terre are included in thethe list of UNESCO World Heritage sites as a national park because of the fantastic beauty of the landscape, and also as an example of preserving the medieval architectural appearance. The most spectacular of the settlements and favorite tourists, perhaps, is Vernazza. In all places Cinquá-Terre motor traffic is prohibited.

Other very popular and no less picturesquebeach resorts in Italy, which can be added to the list: Otranto, located on the Adriatic Sea, Tropea in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Lampedusa and Linoza, located 200 kilometers from the coast of Sicily, Castiglione della Pescaia.

Otranto is a historical town. In the past it was ruled by Greeks and Romans, Byzantines, Normans and Aragonese. He welcomes his guests not only with stunning sandy beaches, clean and warm sea water, the constant beautiful atmosphere of the holiday, but also with interesting sights reflecting various cultural influences.

Beach resorts in Italy are in many places. Not far from the mainland there are a number of islands offering a lot of opportunities for an amazing holiday. It should also take into account the fact that the country always has great weather. The holiday season opens in the spring and ends in the autumn, but walks on the beach can be useful at any time of the year (provided that there are no rains).

Youth resorts in Italy

In addition, very happy travelers, then,that in the peak of the summer season, beach resorts in Italy tend to reduce prices for everything (hotel accommodation, food, etc.). However, it should be noted that the hotels in the country do not practice the all-inclusive system, although the choice of places to stay is huge.

In the south in general, it may be slightly warmer thannorth, but this does not mean that the northern seaside resorts are less interesting and popular. For example, Rimini, located on the north-east coast, is one of the most famous in Europe. Some of the most popular southern resorts in Italy (feedback about which you want to immediately go there) can be found in the Amalfi region.

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