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Beach holiday in Italy: which resort to choose?

Beach lovers Italy opens itssuperb resorts. But, of course, this is not just a beach holiday. In Italy and except for the beaches there is something to do and what to see. Unique historical monuments, magnificent collections of art values, amazing examples of architecture, picturesque nature, and, of course, the sea. Not one, not two, but five!

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And although all the seas are part of the Mediterranean,each of them has its own character. According to experts, water in Ligurian has azure color, in Tyrrhenian - ultramarine, and the Ionian Sea at sunset shines lilac.

Beach vacation in Italy is a great ideafor a relaxing holiday. This pastime is enjoyed by many. Therefore, beach tours to Italy enjoy a stable demand. You can sunbathe, and do shopping, and go on an excursion, and see the medieval towns.

The Adriatic Sea is washed by the east of Italy, with the famous resorts of Pesaro and Rimini.

Here is the Venetian Riviera, a resort,where tourists from all over the world seek beach holidays in Italy. It is chosen by families with young children, elderly people, and young people. It is characterized by wide sandy beaches, a calm warm shallow sea and fine dolomite gold sand.

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Adriatic Riviera - along the whole coastlineThe low green hills stretch, the beaches are gentle, the beaches are absolutely safe. On the beaches are often arranged competitions, concerts and exhibitions, in the harbor regularly conduct sailing regattas.

The resorts of Basilicata and Calabria are washed by twoseas: Ionian and Tyrrhenian. Wonderful Beaches Basilicata are clean and almost deserted. In Calabria, there are also uninhabited coves hidden among the rocks, there are also crowded, crowded, well-equipped beaches, where in the evenings the lights of noisy discos light up.

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Tuscany is the northern coast of Italy,it is washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Famous for this region brought the magnificent ancient cities of Pisa, Florence, Siena. These cities of Tuscany have long been attracted by their architectural and historical values ​​of numerous tourists.

However, in Tuscany, beach rest is also possible. In Italy, some of the best resorts are on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, they are famous for their beautiful resorts and sandy beaches. All the beaches are crowded and well-maintained, surrounded by pine forests.

And, finally, the north of the west of Italy, the famousLiguria. The beaches are mostly pebbly-sandy or pebbly, not very wide, but well protected from the wind by coastal hills and rocks. At San Lorenzo al Mare the golden sandy beaches are replaced by pebble beaches and stretch to Alassio.

Beaches in Italy are always perfectly cleaned, have a modern infrastructure. On a golden tender sand, smoothly flowing into the sea blue, a person feels comfortable and cozy.

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Concluding the review of the main Italian resorts,you can recommend: if you want to spend a beach holiday in Italy, reviews of tourists before the trip is worth reading. They will help you choose the option of a holiday that meets your requirements, tell you about the various subtleties and nuances of the trip. This information can be very useful for you.

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