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Reviews: Blanes (Spain), or Holidays for All

As is known, the entire coast of Spain is divided intoresort areas. Each of them is characterized by a unique climate, type of coast, temperature regime of water. For example, the Costa Brava (in the translation "coast of brave") is very similar to the Crimean rocky coast, with many secluded coves with pebbles and sand. The water here warms up quickly, but it also cools rapidly, so the beach season on this coast lasts until early October.

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But located just a few kilometerssouth of the Costa Maresme zone ("seashore") is a sharp contrast with his neighbor. Wide sandy beaches, plain landscape (the mountains retreat into the interior of the continent), a sharp approach to the sea - the characteristic features of this part of the country. Swim and sunbathe here until the end of October. The town of Blanes is officially located on the Costa Brava. But it is the southernmost locality of this locality. Therefore, vacation in Blanes (Spain) will give you the opportunity to swim immediately in two climatic zones. We will get acquainted with this resort more closely, having analyzed the responses of people who have already visited there.

Description of the Resort and Reviews: Blanes, Spain

Most resorts of the Costa Brava are unlucky: in order to get to them, it is necessary to change from the train to the bus. In this regard, Blanes is "lucky". Here goes a direct train from Barcelona. As the mountains begin further, in Blanes the railway branch ends. Tourists arriving in Spain to the airport of Girona can get to the resort by shuttle bus. What about accommodation and what are the local hotels? Blanes (Spain) reviews describe very differently. Here, if you want, you can find both luxurious luxury hotels and hostels for unassuming customers. There is no shortage at the resort and in private apartments, which are rented by local residents for a week or a month.

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Beach reviews: Blanes, Spain

The most well-groomed, cultured, but at the same timeThe most populous (especially in the season) is the sandy beach of S'Abannel. Its length is three kilometers, its width is 60 meters. There are cabins for changing clothes, fresh showers, rental of beach equipment, slides for children and all conditions for practicing various kinds of water sports. Nearby there is a dock with yachts and tourist boats. Unleash nostalgia for the homeland will not give crowds of Russian-speaking tourists. Despite their presence, the beach is annually awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of the coast and amenities. If you want a more relaxing holiday, then to the north of the port start endless secluded coves (San Francesc, Treumal, Santa Anna).

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Tips & Feedback: Blanes (Spain) and surroundings

This town, despite its modern appearance, is very ancient. It was inhabited by the Romans. And the city was founded by the Catalan family Blanes, who gavehis name to him. From ancient times the feudal tower (near the botanical garden) and two churches remained distant. However, history lovers do not need to sit in Blanes. A fine bus service will make possible independent excursions to Lloret de Mar, where the remains of a Roman villa are preserved. An indelible impression will leave a visit to the unique city of Tossa, about which tourists write exclusively rave reviews. Blanes (Spain) has other attractions in its vicinity. In the suburbs of Santa Susanna there is an aquapark Marineland, where dolphins, sea lions and parrots perform. You can get to the water park from Blanes on a free shuttle.

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