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Amazing Greece. Rhodes. Attractions that have no equal

No one will leave indifferent such a country asGreece. Rhodes, whose attractions fascinate every person, is the true gem of this Mediterranean paradise. One of the most beautiful islands, it is soaked with sun and history, full of luxury and splendor. According to legend, Zeus ordered to lift from the depths of the sea a scrap of land that gave the god of the sun. And Rhodes, dedicated to Helios, and really sunny - 310 days a year, the day-light generously sends to the earth its rays.

Greece Rhodes attractions

The island is rightly proud of all of Greece. Rhodes, whose attractions are multifaceted and diverse, attracts tourists from all over the world. The world famous for this place brought a statue of the Colossus of Rhodes, included in the number of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Neither the exact dimensions nor the exact appearance of the monument are known today. Different authors give different descriptions of the monument, but it is known that its dimensions were really huge. The statue of the god that rose in the vicinity of the main port of the island, died as a result of the earthquake and rests somewhere on the seabed.

But not only the lost miracle is proud of Greece,the island of Rhodes. Its attractions are nature, which is really divine. She is so beautiful, as was the nymph Rhodes, the beloved and consort of Helios. There are many coves, gorgeous beaches, azure sea, a unique valley of butterflies and an abundance of flora and fauna. Not for nothing that UNESCO declared the island an object of world significance and carefully guarded.

Greece Rhodes Island Attractions

Visit the fashionable resort of all invitesGreece. Rhodes, whose sights are amazing, is located in the Aegean Sea. Ten miles separate the island from the Turkish coast, and this earlier allowed him to be a kind of bridge between East and West. They were at various times owned by Hellenes, Phoenicians, Saracens, Persians, Genoese, Turks and Crusaders. They also left their traces here.

Uniting on its territory a fertile climate,the oldest history and the conditions for an excellent holiday, the real tourist Mecca is Greece. Rhodes attractions (map it literally filled with interesting places) for viewing offers a variety of, and therefore attracts both celebrities and ordinary pilgrims. Here the most expensive real estate and the highest prices for services. However, rest on the island can not fail!

How beautiful Greece is! Rhodes, whose attractions have long become popular, are visited by hundreds of tourists, and everyone is eager to photograph everything for memory. You can not refuse to tour the fabulous medieval city - the capital of the island. Mighty fortress walls, narrow streets that preserved their original appearance, an amazing palace of the Grand Masters of the Order of the Ioannites of the sixteenth century, mysterious dungeons - that's where you can shoot any historical picture!

Greece Rhodes attractions map

But at the same time, Rhodes is a modern resort,where life boils, there are first-class catering establishments and entertainment, shopping centers, hotels. You can get here by air (the airport is located in sixteen kilometers from the island capital), as well as on the water, while enjoying the magnificent picture of wine-dark, as Homer said, the Mediterranean Sea.

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