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Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * (Protaras): reviews

Cyprus is so fond of Russian tourists thatmany of them in their reviews call it a second home, but even for them a small town of Protaras was an opening. Some 40-50 years ago fig trees grew in its place, and the Cypriots collected a good harvest there.

Today it is a young resort that is becoming fashionablethanks to its location, a beautiful bay with cozy beaches and well-appointed hotels. Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * in Protaras is one of them.

Young resort

The sun and the sea are much more expensive than figsgroves, this is the Cypriots understood with the advent of the first tourists on their beautiful island. If people are willing to pay to lie on the beach and sunbathe, why not make a profitable business from this? Since then, Cyprus has become a tourist Mecca, and the young resort of Protaras is one of its pearls.

jacaranda hotel apartments 3 protaras

It so happened that conditionally the island is divided into separate tourist zones:

  • The beaches and hotels of Larnaca are suitable for those who are used to getting the best. Here the prices are much higher, but the quality of service corresponds to them.
  • The resort of Ayia Napa was chosen by the young people, so there are so many night clubs and discos, foam parties and various attractions.
  • Protaras is a zone of silence, tranquility and a decent family vacation.

Hotel Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 (Cyprus,Protaras) is most suitable for parents with young children, counting on a budget vacation. He gives his guests an excellent choice: who does not like the scorching sun, resting near one of the pools, and those who are ready to substitute their bodies for ultraviolet rays go to the beach, which is only 400 m.

Do not expect a large numbersights from the town, which 50 years ago was a small village, which stood in the place of the ancient Greek policy that had sunk into oblivion. It is unlikely that the remaining ruins will impress those who saw the real ruins, but not for them come tourists to Protaras. Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 *, according to the reviews, corresponds to the "troika" in its status, and one should not expect more from such a number of stars in a young developing resort, although the beaches and surrounding nature are beyond praise.

Description of Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 *

A good hotel is half the componentpleasant rest. It is nice to return from the beach to the room with air conditioning, where there is a shower with hot and cold water, a soft bed and a refrigerator with chilled drinks. Although the hotel Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * in Protaras has a lot of conflicting reviews, they all boil down to one: they are budget three-star apartments, which have everything you need to relax.

At Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * (Protaras) you canrent a room in a five-story building or in a stand-alone one- and two-storey bungalows. Choosing is easier, based on the desire to be closer to the pools (then it's living in houses) or away from the children's fuss near them (in the main building).

The territory, according to the guests, is quite comfortable and clean with Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * (Protaras, Cyprus). The photo below shows it.

jacaranda hotel apartments 3 protaras cyprus

In the central building of clients expects24-hour reception, and belated guests are greeted by a bar and restaurant, which is very convenient for those who come to the hotel at night. If before entering the room for several hours, you can leave your luggage in the luggage room and go to the beach or doze in a deck-chair near the pool.

Rooms in the hotel

Opinion of holidaymakers about the quality of the arrangement andthe appearance of the rooms Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * (Protaras, Cyprus) significantly diverge. Some consider them old and shabby, with dilapidated furniture, others - quite decent, based on the "star" of the hotel and the cost of living. However, as always, in the middle. At guests' disposal:

  • Studio rooms for 2 + 1 people. In each apartment there are two single beds and a sofa. Furniture, maybe not yesterday from the store, but quite comfortable. A small kitchenette with a refrigerator and necessary utensils and appliances allows you to cook or warm up food yourself. Air conditioning will make the rest pleasant, and the shower will help to refresh. Satellite TV channels and a balcony overlooking the garden complement the overall picture.
  • The apartments are suitable for a family, asare designed for four people. Bathroom and toilet, kitchenette and desk for work, 2 single beds and a sofa, sitting area - all at the disposal of guests in Protaras, Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 *. A view from the window can be on the pool or in the garden.

jacaranda hotel apartments 3 protaras cyprus reviews

The most in the responses of tourists complaints aboutcleaning, and there is some truth in this. Workers can wipe the floor once a week, tidy up the bed and fold towels every day, but this is not enough for a three star establishment, which is the Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * (Protaras). Reviews of many guests agree on this, but only those for whom life is more important than beautiful beaches and ancient history of the island really complain.

Hotel Facilities

How many people, so many points of view. That's about the infrastructure of Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * in Protaras, tourists' opinions differ in their opinions. Rather, it is due to the fact that the hotel is more suited to family rest with children and is not recommended for lovers of sharp impressions and dances until the morning.

Here the clients are provided with the following services:

  • Free parking.
  • Laundry and hairdresser.
  • You can rent a car or a bicycle.
  • Restaurant and bar.

As the guests of Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * (Cyprus, Protaras) rightly say, the service in the hotel is unobtrusive, meaning a rare cleaning and change of bed linen.


What Cyprus is famous for is its coast. If you drive through all the beaches of the island, you can see a strange feature: the sand on them seems to be white from one to the other, which seems impossible. But in fact, it is.

Beaches in Protaras (Cyprus), Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 *, reviews of sun and sea lovers are praised, and for this there are following reasons:

  • Firstly, because they are within reach.
  • Secondly, there are two of them - smaller and bigger.
  • Thirdly, they are located on the shore of a beautiful bay.
  • Fourthly, the hotel in Protaras Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 is located so that from it to other beaches of the resort less than 15 minutes by bus.

 jacaranda hotel apartments 3 protaras reviews

As noted by holidaymakers, the entrance to the sea on the beachesdirectly next to the Jacaranda Hotel, although gently sloping, but there are stones. They are fairly visible in clear water, but couples and children should be careful.

Children - all the best

On the island in each hotel try to allocateplace for children's playground, despite the level of their "star". Not far behind this and Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 * (Protaras, Cyprus). The reviews of guests are praised as children's animation, and a playground and a swimming pool.

Usually, when choosing a family hotel, especially a budget hotel, parents are guided by such criteria:

  • Proximity to the sea, so as not to torment the baby with a long walk under the sun.
  • The quality of the beach, that is, its cleanliness and well-being: chaise lounges with umbrellas, toilet and shower booths and other signs of "civilization".
  • Logging into the sea also matters. A shallow dip and sand under your feet is the guarantee of a safe bathing of the child.
  • Possibility of ordering a children's menu.
  • Having fun for the child.
  • Is there a children's pool and playground, a games room.

All these conditions, this hotel has, that's why it is loved and positively described in their reviews by the resting parents with children.


What else do tourists like to write about, so it's about food, and that's right. It makes no sense to rest in a foreign resort and not try the local cuisine. Cypriots like to eat delicious and others to treat.

About meals at the Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 *(Protaras, Cyprus) the reviews generally converge: hearty breakfasts, delicious dinners and monotonous dinners, although this issue is also controversial. So it or not, you can find out just by removing the number in it. In fact, if each time to take a new dish from the menu, as some guests of the hotel advise, then the food will not stick and will not seem the same from one lunch to another.

hotel jacaranda hotel apartments 3 protaras cyprus

The most fastidious gourmets will be pleased that nearwith Jacaranda Hotel there are small cafes and restaurants with an abundance of both local food and international. Especially recommend in their reviews vacationers try a meze dish, consisting of numerous snacks that should be properly alternated. For example, the first serve different sauces with bread, then bring salads, and in the end - meat or fish. It happens that the number of snacks exceeds 20 units, so it's impossible to eat one person, except that he is a Cypriot.

Entertainment in the hotel

Although the "Jakaranda" has only 3 stars, holidaymakers say that you can have a good time in it. Here is:

  • A pool divided by a bridge and islets into parts.
  • Children's swimming pool.
  • Toy library and playground for kids.
  • Children's animation.
  • For adults, live music is played in the evenings and Swedish tables are set up.
  • You can relax from the sun on the terrace or in a small garden.
  • Billiards, table tennis and court, darts, aerobics and sauna are waiting for those who are used to spending time with health benefits.

jacaranda hotel apartments 3 protaras cyprus photos

On the beach active people expect aquatic speciessports, and fearless - diving. As guests write in the reviews, the best place to dive is Liberty, a ship that sank near the resort of Protaras in 2009. You can learn how to use aqualung in Green Bay by taking a few dive lessons right next to the shore.

Nearby points of interest

Hotel Jacaranda is close to interesting places. This, for example:

  • The Church of the Prophet Elijah, standing over the sea at an altitude of 115 m.
  • Aquapark with numerous attractions for children and adults.
  • Singing fountains, where you can see the "magic dance" of water.
  • For lovers of antiquity, the Historical Museum was opened.

Many guests of Jacaranda Hotel recommend inreviews of a grand tour of the island or boat ride, but if you have a budget vacation, you can rent a bicycle and drive around the local attractions or take a walk along the Aphrodite trail. The main property of the resort is its nature, which is attached to the tour for free.


Even visiting Cyprus more than once, it is difficult to leave withwithout buying it. Shopping in Protaras and nearby resorts guests are very praised. And many say that silver is cheaper in the street where the Jacaranda Hotel is located, than in the town of Lefkara. It is famous for its silverware masters and numerous shops with products for every taste.

Excellent shopping can be done without leaving Protaras, as there are enough shops here with all sorts of stuff. Especially the guests of the Jacaranda hotel recommend:

  • local wine;
  • Cypriot cheeses;
  • ceramics;
  • stunning hand lace;
  • sunglasses.

hotel jacaranda hotel apartments 3 protaras

The main outlets are located along the coast, but hotel guests are advised not to be lazy and walk around the streets of the city, where you can find very good shops.

Budget holidays

Reviews of tourists to date - this is the bestadvertising or anti-advertising tour or apartment. About the hotel Jacaranda Hotel Apartments 3 (Protaras), the photo of which can be seen above, the responses are different, and this is good. Every tourist is free to decide for themselves what kind of rest, and most importantly, for what price he wants to arrange himself.

This hotel offers the best conditions for living with the most convenient location in the young, but already popular resort of Protaras at a budget price.

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