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Rest on the sea with children in Georgia and Slovenia

Each of us wants to go on vacation onsea. But what if you have children that you can not leave with anyone? Exit one: gather with your family, choose the place where you go, and go on a trip. A holiday at the sea with children can be fun and enjoyable if you take care of your babies in advance. In order to properly organize rest and health improvement of children, it is necessary to provide for accommodation and a trip program so that they do not break their usual daily routine. Going to the sea, be sure to bring your child's medical card, make sure that at the place of rest, there is an opportunity at any time to use medical help.

holiday at sea with children

All paper matters are settled, you decided to goto rest. At sea, with children - this pleasant combination of rest and recreation will not only be remembered for a long time, but will also bring the whole family together. Among the many options for tourist trips you can consider a vacation in Georgia at sea. This country, of course, can not be compared exotic with Egypt, but there you can have a great vacation.

vacation in Georgia at sea

Georgia has a great opportunity to stopin a family hotel, if your budget is limited. In addition, it is not very expensive to rent a private apartment or house. The main resorts of the country include the following: Kobuleti, Batumi, Ureki (it is distinguished by the therapeutic properties of sandy beaches). Batumi is a city with a tourist zone, it is rich in its architecture and green parks. Evening time can be spent in cozy cafes or on attractions with children. Thanks to a lot of entertainment, a holiday at the sea with children in Georgia will be a pleasant pastime.

vacation in Slovenia at sea

Recreation in Slovenia at sea - this is also one of theexcellent options for a family vacation. A small country with its beaches will seem boring for fans of noisy entertainment and night parties. This place is famous for its beauty. Sandy beaches, located near the dense forests, landscapes with formidable beauty (such as Strunyanskaya rock) - all this will make your vacation at sea with children unforgettable. Kids will be delighted with the area, which has long been a kind of home for animals, amazing plants and birds.

beach in Slovenia

The main resorts of Slovenia are Isola,Piran and Koper. The buildings in these small ancient cities are perfectly in harmony with nature. Rest in the resorts of Slovenia - it's peace and hospitality, hearty and delicious food, cozy and well-groomed towns. Since the country is not very rich, tourists have some advantages, which are manifested in low prices with an excellent level of comfort and service.

Of course, to travel with children from a bustling cityis not only in the summer. For example, Slovenia can be visited at any time of the year. Just like in the summer, you can find a lot of entertainment here. In the New Year and Christmas holidays, you can do skiing, which in our time is very popular with children. Of course, it's worthwhile to be more attentive to the health of your kids if you plan a trip in the winter season.

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