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Mysterious Montenegro: recreation, reviews of tourists

Montenegro is a small European state,located in the south-east of Europe - in recent years has become very popular among Russians. The amazing nature of the country, graceful mountain peaks, transparent Skadar Lake and warm sandy beaches attract tourists who dream of a fabulous holiday. What can be interesting to travelers mysterious Montenegro? Recreation, reviews of seasoned travelers and prices for tours - all of this in order you will learn from this article.

Montenegro vacation review


This Balkan country can not boast of its size, but thanks to its rich history will amaze with a huge variety of monuments of nature and architecture.


One of the oldest cities in Montenegrinthe coast is considered Budva. Here, the fortress walls of the Old Town are preserved, in the center of which are several ancient temples and an archaeological museum. What it is - an old Montenegro? Rest (reviews of the guests confirm this) in Budva are beautiful winding streets and charming fishing restaurants.

City of Cetinje

The ancient capital of Montenegro is located inA picturesque valley surrounded by mountains. This city, which survived many palace intrigues, according to legends, is inhabited by ghosts. Tourists who visited this place will be charmed by chic castles, churches and monasteries. Here are the most famous museums of the country, which is famous for Montenegro. Rest, reviews about which are filled with mysterious stories about local brave ones, will be remembered to you by the city streets with cozy cafes and a carpet of snowdrops blossoming in spring near the Cetinsky monastery.

City Bar

It is a major port city of the country. The most famous architectural structure is the palace of King Nikola. Here is an ancient chapel and chic greenhouses. On the territory of Bar there are many beautiful temples, which were preserved by ancient Montenegro. Rest, reviews about which will be most positive, will help you to better know the culture and history of this country.

Montenegro holidays prices 2013 September


Montenegro will be interesting not only for those who like to luxuriate on the beach. In this cozy corner of the earth, tourists who prefer extreme sports aspire.


Submarine reefs of the Adriatic Sea are densely populatedcorals, which makes Montenegro attractive to divers. Fans of scuba diving can admire ancient wrecks or explore caves in limestone.

Holidays in the private sector in Montenegro


In recent years, vacation inprivate sector in Montenegro. For example, there are eco-villages that offer tourists a holiday in the bosom of nature. Guests are offered safari tours, hiking trails, rafting.


Fans of winter recreation also seek to get intothis country. From December to April, there are open ski resorts. For example, in Zabljak there are 12 ski runs designed for athletes of different levels of training.


All this and more offers its guestsMontenegro. Rest, the prices of 2013 (September-December) year on which remain very attractive for Russians, here corresponds to European quality. For example, for 8 days of tremendous relaxation you will pay from 22 thousand rubles, including air travel and a smart opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of this mysterious country.

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