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Rest in November - where to go?

Many travel agencies say that"Rest in November is not the best time for the beach season". But this, of course, is not the case - in November, a fairly large selection of good places, where you can soak up the sun and make interesting excursion routes and go skiing (for outdoor activities).

In addition, rest in November at sea significantlycheaper than in the summer months. So boldly choose the country you are interested in and do not forget to issue a passport and visa in advance. In this article we will tell you where to spend your vacation.

Rest in November

One of the warmest places on earth is theThailand. The most visited and favorable places in this country are Phuket and Pattaya, crowds of tourists come here every year to bask in the sun and lie on white sand. Even in November, the air temperature is not below + 30C, and the water in the sea warms up to + 25C.

On these islands you can simultaneously combinebeach holidays and a rich night life. These places are famous for their secluded sandy beaches, clean sea, coral reefs and impressive rocks. Thanks to tropical forests, coconut plantations, waterfalls and an abundance of park areas that give the islands a unique color, here you can really relax and have fun.

For connoisseurs of a measured rest, the beach of Panwa is suitable. Preferring an active and turbulent holiday is best to stop your choice at Patong Beach. It is a place with a well-developed infrastructure famous for entertainment. You can have a great time on the picturesque island of Koh Samui. It is famous for its white beaches: Lamai, Menam and Chaweng.

But, in addition to Thailand, you can go on vacation inNovember, for example, in Myanmar. This is a beautiful country, which was formerly called Burma. It is located near Thailand, there is also an ocean, as well as many interesting attractions: Buddha statues, temples, caves, hundred-meter golden stupas, etc. This is a real find for every tourist.

Next country we recommend to yougo in the fall, is Egypt. At this time of year there is no exhausting heat - it is warm in the daytime, water in the sea is like fresh milk, and in the evening it is cool and fresh. You can make interesting trips through the desert, excursions to Luxor, Alexandria and the Egyptian pyramids.

Unusual pleasure you will get fromriding on double-humped camels, trips to picturesque oases, visits to the Color Canyon, Paradise Island and from diving. The most luxurious resorts in Egypt are Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Visiting Egypt in the fall, you can get a piece of summer and recharge positive emotions.

No less memorable vacation in November inAustralia - this month is comfortable and almost windless. Australia is perfect for active people and divers. A better place than the Barrier Reef for scuba diving is not found. Under the water, you will see how the coral breeds and the whales mate. In autumn the water in the sea is crystal clear and transparent, you can easily observe the marine life and fauna.

For those who prefer skiingrest, you can invite to visit Finland. The best holiday in November in Tahko (Finland), here almost up to May is fluffy snow. Each vacationer will find a lesson on interests - someone will go skiing, tobogganing and skating, others will go for winter fishing, others can swim in the pool or relax in the SPA-salon.

Tourists will have the opportunity to enjoya tranquil silence in a cozy villa with a splendid view of the snow-covered slopes, lakes and forests. Ski resorts - this is not just a kind of leisure, it is the style and rhythm of life that energizes for the whole year!

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