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Greece, the sea, silence ...

Among other resort countries, Greece is famous for the beauty of its beaches. The sea here has, especially around the islands, a unique azure-turquoise hue, it is strikingly clean and transparent.

Bathe on the beaches of Greece begin in June. The beach season lasts until October. Some brave souls begin to swim before, for example, in May. It is especially worth noting that the air temperature at this time is quite acceptable. Sometimes it reaches even + 25-30 C. But sea water, of course, does not warm up as quickly as air. Therefore, still it will be more comfortable to begin the bathing season from June. This is different from other resorts in Greece.

The sea in early June is simply amazing. Comfortable bathing for all age categories is provided. Of course, the water temperature varies depending on the location of the resort. For example, in the north of the country the average water temperature in June is about + 20C (Chalkidiki). While on the island of Crete, which is the southernmost island of Greece, it reaches + 23-24 ° C.

So if you like the warm sea, in June youit is better to go to one of the Greek islands (Kos Island, Corfu Island, Zakynthos Island, Crete Island). It is interesting that Fr. Corfu has a more humid climate than about. Crete.

greece sea
If you knew how pleasant Greece is to bathing! Its sea, clean and transparent, attracts tourists from many countries of the world.

An unforgettable experience will bring cara trip along the coast. The vehicle can be rented. The whole of Greece will appear before you. The sea, sandy beaches around the coast are simply enchanting and charming. At the same time you can swim wherever you want to stop.

The diverse beaches of beautiful Greece havesandy or pebble-covered bottom. There may be inconvenience with entering the sea only in certain places. Sometimes on the bottom there are small blocks of stone, but they can easily cross or bypass and enjoy bathing without problems.

Greece holiday at sea
Near the coastal rocks and stones of touristslies in wait and another trouble. These are sea urchins. The injection of such a marine creature can bring a lot of inconvenience. Therefore it makes sense to buy rubber slippers, specially designed for swimming. Fortunately, they are sold in a huge variety in local stores.

Interestingly, the local beaches are all public. True, there are several leased near Athens. This is wonderful Greece: a holiday at sea and should be free.

what sea in greece
It is worth mentioning the islands of Greece. After all, resting there - it's completely immersed in the silence and tranquility of these beautiful and picturesque places. Popular tourist destinations are the islands of Poros, Spetses, Aegina and Hydra, which can be reached in a few hours. The rest of the Greek islands, although located further, but also may be of some interest.

Having been in this fabulous world of wonderful nature, youcan tell your family and friends: "Do you know what kind of sea in Greece?" You certainly will not only intrigue them, but also convey the words reigning there grandeur.

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