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A relaxing holiday, or what island of Italy to visit on vacation

Many tourists prefer vacation on the islands,where you can relax from the bustle, merge with nature, basking in the warm sun. To realize your dreams, you can visit any small island in Italy. Here, nature, climate, and recreation are pleasing. There are also so-called island giants in the composition of this country. These include Sicily and Sardinia.

The motherland of the Italian mafia - Sicily

Sicily is rich in antiquities. This is the largest island in Italy, which attracts tourists with lush vegetation, beautiful nature and comfortable beaches. Along with the Greek temples and Roman amphitheatres, you can see here also the Arab mosques.

Island of Italy

Sardinia - the island of beaches

On this island, which is the second mostsize, there is not a single industrial production. Therefore, it attracts tourists so much. Clean air, beautiful sandy beaches, blue waters. It is not devoid of historical sights.

The Isles of Italy map

For fans of antiquities of interest are allislands of Italy. The map of Europe demonstrates how small islets are scattered around the Italian boot. These include Ischia. This island is very quiet and cozy. Here you can spend a terrific vacation away from civilization. Ischia is famous for its thermal springs. But on the western side of the island is a very popular island of Italy Capri. It is famous for its grottoes. Tourists must certainly see the White, Blue and Green grottoes. They are called so for good reason. They really have unusual colors due to the passing through the sea water and the refracting rays of sunlight.

Italy Islands holidays

Aeolian Islands

This mythical name has a group of islands inTyrrhenian Sea. These islands are formed by the accumulation and solidification of volcanic rocks. On the archipelago and to this day there are two active volcanoes. In addition, there are many thermal springs.

The islands of Liguria

These are three small islets that are included in thea UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island of Tinno is famous for the fact that St. Herman lived on it as a hermit. In the XII century, here, on the site of the death of a saint, a temple was erected. Still on the island are the ruins of a monastery of the 11th century.

Tinneto is the smallest island on which there is practically no vegetation, but there are traces of the presence of ancient civilization.

You can get to the Palmaria by boat or by ferry. The island vschaet all beach lovers a spacious bay.

The Pontian Islands

The archipelago is named after the largest island,part of its composition - Ponza. This island of Italy is known for its mountainous terrain. It has a volcanic origin. Especially it will be pleasant to fans of diving. Grottoes and reefs, various rocks that can be seen in the sea depth, will not leave anyone indifferent. You can also go diving in special schools of scuba diving. Ponza has a well-developed infrastructure: bars, restaurants, hotels. However, it is famous for all the islands of Italy, rest on which always passes on the highest level.

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