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"Alliance Park", Perm: address, reviews. Park of active rest. Airsoft in Perm

Active leisure is increasingly becoming fashionable. If the birthday or corporate is approaching, no one wants to just sit at a table in the restaurant and eat delicious salads. Instead, they go out of town, visit rope parks and climbing walls, and bowling alleys. And how about collecting a company of friends and going to play paintball? Such a party will be remembered for a long time. Today we will tell you about the most fun place in the world under the name "Alliance Park" (Perm). Here come to life the best tactical games, where you can set your goals, set up a team and calculate military strategy. Do you think that it's fun only on the computer? No, in life everything is much more interesting.

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The largest active recreation park

They do not come here to sit onbenches or eat ice cream. Here everything is grown-up. We change clothes, take machine guns in the hands and forward, beat off the enemy's base, release hostages or reach other chosen targets. As you already understood, "Alliance Park" in Perm is a place for active rest. Basis of activity - paintball, airsoft, laser tag. In the list of services provided corporate holidays, their own animation programs, sports and entertainment events, large scenario games. It's a whole world of outdoor entertainment, which is sure to please both big and small.


Of course, similar centers are being opened todayeverywhere. But the quality of services, equipment and training of personnel can be different. "Alliance Park" in Perm has been operating for nine years, providing excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. Over this time, more than 100,000 people have rested here. More than 2500 guests are accepted monthly. I want to warn in advance, if you are going to spend a day off here, then nothing is planned. "Alliance Park" in Perm offers so many interesting games and classes that time flies simply unnoticed.

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Favorite paintball

Until recently, we could see this game only byTV and envy those who have the opportunity to run with a gun. Today, residents of Perm can come here every day. It should be noted that you are not just given equipment and sent to play. Special fields are equipped here, each of which is a small quest with its tactical task. The area of ​​the playing field is relatively small, about 60 * 60 meters. But this is enough to accommodate the teams, and to fulfill the mission.

To date, there are nine playing fields, stylized in their own way.

  • "Armageddon", where the main shelters are cars and buses.
  • "Fort" - a huge structure with secret passages, loopholes and stairs.
  • "Convoy" - the game takes place in an open area with bushes for camouflage.
  • "Abandoned village".
  • "Tree sticks". A map stylized in the forest.

We will not talk in detail about all the gaminggrounds to warm up interest. Unique scenery here is more than impressive. Immediately plunge into the atmosphere of the game. Add to this a huge arsenal of weapons: pyrotechnics, armored vehicles, machine guns and mortars, as well as anti-tank guns, and you yourself will understand that here is the best place for games in the world.


This is a complete immersion in the art of doinga real battle. The active recreation park gives the opportunity to play with the whole family, because there are no paintballs that can hurt you. In the hands of players models of real weapons, equipped with electronics. On the head of the players sensors hit. It is they who signal the wound and death, after which the player's weapon is turned off. You are now an observer.

Amusement park (Perm) knowingly offers differentoptions for tactical games to choose from. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. If we consider laser tag, then it is in many respects even more interesting than usual peytball:

  • No paint and bruises on the body;
  • The sniper range is 300 meters, and the sensors accurately record the hit. So, disputes are excluded.
  • It's safe, preschoolers can play:
  • The stock of shots is not limited;
  • Laser weapons copy combat with the sounds of a shot, charging and recharging.

For games the same stylized platforms are used.

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Strikeball (Perm)

This is entertainment for real men. It is understood as a military sport game in which several teams take part. For it, pneumatic copies of combat weapons and plastic pellets are used. They beat sensitively, but leave no trace, so the game is conducted on honesty. After the first hit, the fighter puts on a red bandage and goes to the "cemetery", the location of the killed players.

Strikeball in Perm is just gaining popularity. Despite the difficulties, it has several advantages:

  • High realism of what is happening. Use accurate mock-ups of combat weapons, from which you still need to learn how to shoot.
  • Reduced trauma danger. If the range of fire is more than 50 meters, then the ball hit does not feel like painful.
  • Ammunition is very cheap, incomparable with paintball.
  • No restrictions in space. Teams can play in the field or in the forest.
  • In the range of more than 100 types of combat devices, each of which can be used in combat. In this case, firearms, weight, return, everything, as in reality.

To conduct military battles are usedspecially equipped polygons. There are trenches and buildings, empty buildings, so the game will be very interesting. In addition, the full equipment of the fighters is provided.

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Orders from collectives

Alone here can be boring, becauseyou will need to find a team of like-minded people or join someone who is ready to join the game. Therefore, it is best to assemble the team and collect all together in "Alliance Park" (Perm). Address: st. Oncoming, 33-а. How to prove to colleagues that here it will be precisely interesting? Very simple, give a strong case.

  • The company is located in the city, but at the same time in a picturesque forest. You are provided with outdoor recreation.
  • At the same time, up to 200 people are accepted here.
  • The amount of entertainment is fantastic. Imagine the opportunity to shoot from a crossbow or a medieval catapult.
  • Recreation scenarios are developed individually, based on the requests of the group. This is also an interesting moment, because it allows you to connect rest and teambuilding, time management and much more.
  • You are waiting for specially laid trails, sports equipment and game equipment, exciting missions and scenarios.
  • Comfortable rest and a wonderful table after the games. The format can be any, field kitchen or traditional gatherings.
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Rest for children

When the birthday approaches, the endingschool year or other significant event, the real wand-gainer is "Alliance Park" in Perm. Parents' reviews fully confirm that here the guys can throw out energy and plenty of frolic. Bright, animation program will be an excellent entourage for a children's holiday. You can choose from many scenarios:

  • "Kingdom imaginary" - this is a real medieval castle with monsters and caves, riddles and hiding places;
  • "Fort Boyard";
  • "Olympics".

Believe that such children remember children after many years.

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Prices and tariffs

Immediately warn that the nuances, of whichthe value is added up, quite a lot. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the manager who will make an individual calculation. We will introduce the standard rates that Alliance Park offers to its clients (Perm). Prices are quite affordable, especially if you take into account the pleasure that participants receive.

In all games there are three levels of difficulty:

  • Newbie. From Monday to Thursday the ticket price is 650rubles for an adult, and 600 for a child. At the weekend 750 and 650 rubles, respectively. The price includes an entrance ticket for two hours and rent of weapons, as well as the work of an instructor-animator.
  • Veteran. If you are not here for the first time, you can orderthe game is more complicated. In addition to additional script chips, you get special make-up and camouflage, as well as smoke bombs. The cost is 1050 for an adult and 1000 for a child on weekdays. The weekend is 1150 and 1050, respectively.
  • Special Forces. This is a game in the format of a tactical adventure. Now you have three hours to complete the mission and a huge selection of weapons. The cost is 1700 per adult and 1700 per child.
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How to get there

We have already spoken above about where the Alliance is locatedPark "in Perm.As to reach it, most parents and children are interested, especially if they do not have their own car.The active recreation park is located in the Parkovy neighborhood, near the Chernyaevsky forest.The territory of the park is stunningly large and occupies more than 35 000 square meters. realize any ideas to make your day off perfect.There is a suburban bus number 529, you can sit on the street Karl Marx.

"Big race" or a reality show with your participation

If you looked at the first channel of the same nametransfer, then do not need to tell for a long time what awaits you. Mad trails, the best leading and animators, sparkling humor and musical accompaniment. Participants will have to go through inflatable labyrinths, rack their brains on quests in a rope park, run a cross in conjunction with their comrades and a tank model on their heads, and perform dozens of challenging but very interesting tasks. And all this - "Alliance Park" (Perm). "The big race" I plan to make a regular event, which means that everyone will have a chance to test their strength and dexterity.

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Customer Testimonials

To say that people are satisfied with the organization of leisure inthis park is nothing to say. It's amazing how much happiness can give the opportunity to be able to run and jump. And it's not just about the children. Adults today spend a lot of time in office cabinets, forgetting what the wind noise in the foliage is and active rest.

Well, men? After all, this is an opportunity to realize children's dreams and, smeared with a make-up, with an automaton at the ready to become a real hero, defeat the enemy and capture the fort! After that, computer strategies do not even want to look. Of course, there are people who find their shortcomings here. Someone thought that the cost of the game is too high, others decided that the instructor was not polite enough. This information is also reflected in the reviews. But in general, we can say that the organization of recreation here is set at the highest level. The capacity of the park is fantastic, no matter how busy the day, you do not have to stand in lines. Each will have its own place for games and recreation.

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