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Holidays in Vardan: features and reviews

If you dream to relax at the resortsKrasnodar region, but at the same time do not like too busy beaches and noisy hotels, we suggest you pay attention to the picturesque village of Vardane, located just thirty kilometers from Sochi.


The village of Vardane is located in a picturesque place - inthe mouth of the Buu River. Borders with Lower Beranda (in the north-west), Lower Hobza (In the southeast) and Upper Buu (in the north). The village is located in a narrow coastal strip, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides.

The main part of the population is Armenians, who alwayswelcome guests and meet them very cordially. The village is literally buried in greenery, it is very quiet and always calm. For this reason Vardane has become a favorite vacation spot for families with children.

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Climatic conditions

The climate here is subtropical, quite hot. In summer the temperature does not fall below +24 ° C, which guarantees a comfortable rest. The sea (Vardane - a truly fertile land) warms up quickly, so the swimming season begins here in mid-May. It continues until the second half of October.


For beach holidaysJuly to September. In June, there are sometimes short rains, and the air temperature decreases. The reason for this - the proximity of the mountains. But even at this time, vacation in Vardan (Sochi) can be exciting - you can go on a tour of the waterfalls, see the sights, which are many.

For example, you can take part in an excursion to theCanyon Cool. A wild path leads to him. Fans of outdoor activities such a holiday in Vardan are very fascinating. Many tourists like the excursion to Koryta. It is a natural park located not far from Vardane. It is very popular with locals who like to organize picnics here. Troughs are stone bowls, in which the waters of mountain rivers gather. They are shallow, and you can swim in them.

Are you interested in private vacations? Vardane is ready to offer you several options for accommodation, and we'll talk about this later, for now - a little about entertainment.

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In the village of entertainment there is almost no, butin the district there are many. Rest in Vardan is impossible to imagine without visiting the aqua park "AquaLoo", which is located a short drive from the village. We are sure that this trip will be remembered for a long time by adults and children. Such a number of the most varied slides and water entertainments, as here, it must be, is nowhere else in the entire Krasnodar region. You can go to Lazarevskoe and visit the dolphinarium. By the way, lovers of night clubs and discos in Lazarevsky will have a great time. And of course, all holidaymakers in Vardan go on an excursion to Sochi.

Accommodation in Vardana

It should be recognized that for many holidaymakersone of the decisive arguments in favor of hanging out in this beautiful village is a private holiday. There are a lot of proposals in Vardan. It's about the opportunity to live in excellent private mini-hotels or guest houses, where for a very reasonable price you will be offered excellent service, the possibility of self-cooking, and sometimes meals included in the price.

Already many tourists appreciated the local beauty andmagnificent rest. Vardan (without intermediaries rent housing here is not so difficult) - a very hospitable village. Arriving here, you can see many ads with offers from owners of private mini-hotels and guest houses. In addition to the private sector, you can live in boarding houses. In this case, your vacation will be somewhat more comfortable, but the cost of living will be slightly higher. The most popular in Vardana are the boarding houses "Vardane" and "Sheksna". In this article, we will look at the various options for living, and you can choose in favor of one of them.

Hotel complex "Verona"

"Verona" offers a cozy holidayThe apartments are equipped in accordance with the European standard. From the windows of the rooms you can admire the stunning views of the mountains and the sea. The complex is equipped with a video surveillance system that ensures the safety of holidaymakers. Internet access is available throughout the hotel. Guests can, if desired, leave their valuables and documents in the safe at the front desk. Car enthusiasts can take advantage of parking.

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Hotel Albatross

This hotel is located on the central anda busy street of the village. Here, in general, the whole spa life is boiling. From the beach the hotel separates the distance, which can be overcome on foot in five minutes. On the territory of the hotel is always quiet, cozy and quiet, which usually distinguishes a holiday in Vardan.

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A spacious and shady courtyard allows for a goodrelax in the afternoons. Those interested can refresh themselves in the large swimming pool (45 sq. M.). On the territory of the hotel are equipped with recreation areas, where guests like to spend time in the evening. In "Albatross" two meals are organized. On the ground floor there is a café where you can enjoy light snacks or a cup of fragrant coffee.

Rest in Vardan: private sector. Hotel Alicante

A cozy private hotel is located in a picturesquecorner of the resort village. Clean air, remoteness from the trails, a cozy atmosphere - everything you need for a family holiday, you will find in "Alicante". Vacationers can choose different numbers: double, triple and quadruple. The hotel has a separate kitchen, an excellent children's playground and exciting excursions are organized.

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Mini-hotel "Sofia"

Another private mini-hotel, located in the heart of the village. This convenient location in combination with a high level of service attracts more and more tourists.

In "Sofia" guests are offered to live in the roomswith amenities and PCs that are designed to accommodate 2-5 people. The rooms have single beds, a refrigerator, TV, fan. There is access to a spacious terrace, from which a splendid view of the sea.

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The hotel area is landscaped, there is a rest area with a gazebo, which is buried in greenery. In addition, guests can refresh themselves in one of the two pools or sit by the fountain with goldfish.

"Good House"

This hotel is also very conveniently located - in the center of the village. The beach is five minutes walk away, there is a store "Magnet", a pharmacy, a polyclinic, a hairdresser, a dining room, a cafe, a market.

Rooms of the hotel "Dobry Dom" are:

  • 6 rooms of economy class;
  • 4 rooms are standard.

On a cozy shady territory, there are places for recreation, a playground for games, a swimming pool. For self-cooking is provided kitchen and all necessary utensils.

Guest houses. "Diamond"

Rest guest houses Vardane choose manytourists. "Almaz" is a new modern building with comfortable cozy suites, located on the bank of the river Buu. For recreation there are all conditions: on the territory there is a kitchen-dining room with necessary utensils for cooking, microwaves, refrigerators. Guests can use the car park free of charge.

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The pebble beach is 600 meters from the "Diamond". The road to it takes no more than ten minutes along the Molodezhnaya street. We offer double and triple rooms of "luxury" category. There is an outdoor swimming pool on site.


Quite popular guest house, located in the center of Vardane. Here you can have a good time with your family or friends. On the territory, among other things, there is a gym.


At a distance of about four hundred metersthere is a well-groomed beach. There are almost all the sea attractions: skating on a scooter, a boat, a banana, water slides and skis, etc. There are numerous cafes on the waterfront. In "Amelia" happy guests with children from one year.


This guest house is located 300 meters from the hotel.a wonderful pebbly beach. Nearby is a cafe, supermarket, pharmacy, dining room, public transport stop. The hotel area is well maintained and landscaped. There is a kitchen-dining room, BBQ, for motorists - free parking.

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Guests can choose the following rooms:

  1. "Economy" - one-room, designed for 2-4 vacationers. The room has a double bed, wardrobe, armchairs. Bathroom and shower on the floor.
  2. "Junior" - one-room, designed for 2 guests. The room has a double or two single beds, wardrobe, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, bathroom, shower.

Holiday Village «Tour-Service»

Recreation center (Vardane can offer and suchaccommodation option) is located five minutes walk from the beach and can accommodate 150 guests. For them, prepared rooms of the category "economy" and with amenities. Ideal for resting youth companies.

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On the territory there is a common kitchen. On the beach there are water attractions, catamarans, cafes with an entertainment program. The whole territory of the base has access to the Internet.


Holiday Village "Summer" invites vacationers from May to September. On a large and neat territory there are twenty detached houses, which are designed for 2-4 people.

The landscaped pebbly beach is 200 meters away.meters away. Here you will be offered a wide range of beach and water activities (catamarans, jet skis, inflatable bananas, pleasure boats, inflatable hill), rental of necessary beach equipment (umbrellas, sun loungers).

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How to get there?

If you like to travel by car,then you should go to the track M27 (Dzhubga - Sochi) - the village of Vardane is directly on it. Those who go on a train ride must purchase tickets to Loo station, which is located five kilometers from the village. In the Vardan only suburban electric trains stop.

In Adler there is the nearest air terminal. From here, the village can be reached by train or bus. It is desirable to negotiate with the owners of the hotel in advance about the transfer from Adler or Loo.

Holidays in Vardan: reviews

In general, tourists are satisfied with the time spent in this picturesque village. Magnificent nature, clean sea, fresh air - all this, of course, can not but rejoice.

Many like a calm and measuredthe atmosphere of the resort. This is especially important for people who are tired of the city bustle. Most travelers believe that this place is great for families with children. Young guests feel very comfortable here. Almost all hotels, hotels are equipped for kids playrooms and playgrounds, in some of them there are also special pools.

Young people who prefer night entertainment in clubs and discos, can get bored here. True, this situation can easily be corrected by going to Sochi in the evening.

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