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Sights of Cherepovets. Attractions that every tourist should see

If you came to the city to relatives,friends, on a business trip or decided to visit this city for other purposes, be sure to see the sights of Cherepovets. There are many of them here. There are places that are interesting to visit children, others can be visited by the whole family and exciting, interesting to spend time.

Museums of the city of Cherepovets - archaeological

Cherepovets Attractions

If you want to learn a lot, visit the museums of this city. You can visit all or several.

Move back many centuries ago you will helpThe Museum of Archeology, which is located at: Krasnaya Street, house 1 B. There are permanent exhibits that represent ancient inventions and discoveries. You will be able to see the unique finds of archeologists and see which objects of labor and life our distant ancestors used.

Also you can see recent findings. So, in 2014 the museum was replenished with interesting artifacts. Among them there are tools of the Stone Age: scrapers, arrowheads made of silicon, items made from horns and bones. You can see beads, pendants, household items, fragments of rings, military weapons, items that belonged to the inhabitants of the medieval Belozerye.

The museum offers to visit cognitive excursions, interactive lessons.

We continue the fascinating journey around the city

To make an unforgettable trip to the worldThe Museum of Nature of Cherepovets offers a fossil. His sights are also impressive. You can see interesting paleontological finds, learn a lot about the nature of these places.

Sights of Cherepovets

The museum offers many thematic excursions. Some of them will tell about rare, diverse birds, tell about a group of passerines, about winged predators. You will get acquainted with the animals listed in the Red Book with insect species.

All this can be seen in the Museum of Nature, located at: Lunacharsky Avenue, 32.

Rare canvases are available in the Art Museum, the Art Gallery of EM Dunin.


Connoisseurs of poetry will not regret that they visited the Literary Museum of Igor Severyanin. Although the poet was born in St. Petersburg, but most of his life was exactly in Cherepovets, in a manor on the river bank.

Literary evenings, interesting excursions are held in the Severyanin House Museum. The House of Loterovs (this is the real name of the poet) is an object of cultural heritage, a monument of culture and history.

It will be fascinating to visit the Gal'sky Museum-Estate, which is also a landmark of Cherepovets.

Where it will be interesting for small travelers

If you went to this city with a child, you can visit other places of interest in Cherepovets. A lot has been created for children here. These are museums, theaters, entertainment establishments.

Having visited the Children's Music Theater "Alisa", youleave there in high spirits, and the child will share his impressions of what he has seen for a long time. The theater is located at: Sportivnaya street, 13.

On Lenin street, in the house number 153 there is another art temple - the Children's Musical Theater. In you can see the performances, which sound a lot of music and songs.

In the Children's Museum, the works of young artists are on display for the viewer. The building is located on Lunacharsky Street, in the house number 39. The child will be able to admire the canvases created by his peers.

The People's Drama Theater, the Youth Theater of Plastic and Drama "Znak", the Ice Palace are also remarkable places of the city.


Sights of Cherepovets for children areentertainment center "Galaktika". Arriving on the street K. Belyaev, in house number 59, you can perfectly note the solemn event, the birthday of an adult or a child.

In the "Galaxy" there is a children's playroom. Adults can temporarily leave their baby there. With him will engage and entertain an experienced teacher. Adults may at this time sit in a restaurant or play bowling, which are also in the "Galaxy".

The kid will not become hungry, he will be offered a special children's menu.

Watching movies and relaxing in "Royal-Vio", Mori Cinema

Cherepovets attractions for children

Sights of Cherepovets are also the cinemas of the city. Here, too, you can eat and enjoy spectacles.

Cinema "Royal-Vio" you will find on the streetMilutina, in house number 7. There are halls for viewing ordinary films and as 3D. You can pre-book tickets for the right movie, day and time.

Interestingly, a cinema has opened for over 100 yearsback in 1910. Today, "Royal-Vio" has changed beyond recognition. In addition to modern cinema equipment, he suggests visiting 2 halls - for 41 and 113 seats, to issue a collective application with a good discount. The cinema provides its halls for rent for seminars, conferences, for private viewing.

Cinemas in Cherepovets are also Mori Cinema with7 rooms with a capacity of 1011 seats. In addition to 2D, 3D, you can watch movies in the format 48K. At the cinema, there is a cafe for 120 seats, which offers dishes of European and Japanese cuisine.

In the hall of the cinema there are slot machines: basketball, paintball, air hockey, racing, silomere, shooting.

Other cinemas of the city

Cinema of Cherepovets

Learn about movies, sessions of "Kinomir" youcan, if you call the answering machine +7 (8202) 555-901. More information is available at the number: +7 (8202) 555-910. You can book tickets in advance by choosing the place you like in the big or small hall. Then you will need to drive up to the address: M. Gorky Street, 40 and buy tickets no later than half an hour before the start of the session. You can order tickets by dialing the phone number: (8202) 555-910.

Ibid, on the street M. Gorky, in the house number 22 A is "Komsomolets" - House of Music and Cinema. In addition to new films, you can look here and the old ones. The cinema periodically hosts festivals and concerts. You can find out the schedule of events by phone: (8202) 55-61-72, 55-32-65.

Architecture of the city of Cherepovets - temples

architecture of the city of Cherepovets

Lovers of quiet walks will be interested to wander along beautiful historical buildings, temples, churches.

The Resurrection Cathedral is the most ancient building of Cherepovets. It was built by the Reverend Theodosius and Athanasius in 1756.

The building is located on the Cathedral Hill in the historical zone of Cherepovets. The temple is functioning, so you can see not only its external architecture, but also to visit inside.

Hristorozhdestvensky temple also strikes its architecture. His tall bell tower is visible from afar.

Merchant houses

Until now, the city has preserved many ancientThe residential buildings that were once the homes of merchants. Stone buildings built in the style of late classicism in the XIX century, you will see if you walk along Sovetskaya Street, Lenin Street, Lunacharsky Prospect and Victory Avenue.

museums of the city of Cherepovets

Admire the ancient wooden mansion youyou can, if you come to the street Socialist. The house number 22 is the Memorial House-Museum Vereshchagin. This museum is dedicated to the famous Russian artist V. V. Vereshchagin. He was born in this city in 1842.

To see the sunny city of Cherepovets,Come here in the summer, then you can admire the sparkling domes of churches, the shining smoothness of the Sheksna River. Beautiful city and other time of year. It's nice here in the spring when nature awakens, and in the golden autumn season, and in winter, when roofs of houses are dressed up in white hats, and trees and bushes are covered in snow coats.

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