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Melissa Garden Hotel 3 * (Turkey / Alanya / Konakli): photos and reviews from tourists in Bulgaria

Melissa Garden Hotel 3 * offers guestsfrom different regions of the world a pretty decent rest. Most tour operators recommend this place for a holiday, since the cost of tours here is quite small - an average of 30-35 thousand rubles for seven days of stay. Melissa Garden Hotel 3 * often takes the leading positions in the ratings of Turkish places for recreation of an average level, along with another hotel - Iko Melissa Garden Hotel 3 *. Often, the conditions of accommodation in it travelers are estimated at 8 out of 10 points, which is quite a good indicator, worthy of attention.

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general information

Melissa Garden Apart Hotel 3 * took its firstguests in 2017. The complex immediately attracted the attention of tourists thanks to the built modern buildings, which are equipped with new furniture, a better climate system and have fresh renovation in the rooms, executed according to all European standards.

To date, the hotel area is2250 square meters. m, which is quite enough to accommodate a small hull and aqua zone on it. In the open area of ​​Melissa Garden Hotel 3 * there is a small garden, which pleases tourists with its abundant flowering throughout the holiday season.


The hotel is located in a small village of Konakli,which is located 12 km from the large resort city of Turkey - Alanya. The place is quite quiet, but despite this, representatives of the younger generation prefer to rest here.

The hotel is on the first coastline, which provides a step-by-step accessibility of its guests to the beach.

With regard to the location of the hotel is relativelyunits of air transportation, the nearest international airport, where all foreign tourists arrive, is located in 110 kilometers - in the resort city of Antalya.

melissa garden hotel 3 reviews


Tourists are offered a small amountnumbers - 69. All of them are located within the hull and fall into two categories: standard and family. The hotel does not have apartments intended for people with disabilities. Disabled people can rent a room on a general basis.

The apartments offer wonderfulconditions for living, taking into account all the needs of modern man. Each room has wireless Internet access, so guests can always stay in touch with their loved ones. There is an individual bathroom equipped with a full set of sanitary ware, a shower and a washbasin.

Of all the rooms there is an individual exit to the balcony, where a minimal set of furniture is set, intended for relaxation: a pair of soft armchairs and a small round table.


Standard rooms in the Melissa Garden Hotel 3 *(Turkey) the vast majority, in total - 67. All of them are decorated in a classical style, using contrasting shades in the colors that tourists like from Russia like.

Rooms of this type are designed for two guests. For accommodation there is a large bed of European type. In several apartments, instead of a large bed, there are two single beds. If necessary, an extra bed can be provided - a folding bed of European type.

To store personal belongings of tourists there are large closets, and for small accessories there is a pair of pedestals installed near the beds.

In their spare time guests can watch TV, which is connected to the satellite broadcasting system. It is a suspended plasma screen of medium size.

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The Melissa Garden Hotel 3 * (Alanya) has a total ofonly two family-type numbers. Tourists from Russia who stayed in them, recommend to book such apartments for guests planning their vacation with children.

The total area of ​​the room (30 square meters.) allows you to accommodate it to three guests, for which two beds are provided: one double and one single. Also, if necessary, a bed for one child between the ages of 4 and 12 can be equipped - this service is completely free.

In the furniture set of this number is presenteda pair of pedestals and a large wardrobe with a division into several compartments and shelves. If necessary, vacationers can use the equipped working area, represented by a desk and a chair with a soft seat.

In this number, as in the standard, there issuspended plasma TV. If necessary, guests can use a landline telephone that is connected to an international communication line - its use is chargeable. The hotel does not offer a minibar. As for the safe, it can be rented for two dollars a day, but it is not installed in the apartments, but is located behind the reception desk.

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Guests of Melissa Garden Hotel 3 * (Alanya) in their reviewsthey often talk about small entertainment programs that are held here every evening. They are represented by a disco, which can last throughout the night.

The hotel has a couple of animatorsentertainment of the guests. As noted in their comments by tourists from Russia, each of them can find an approach to guests of different age category, however the negative point is that they do not speak Russian.


In reviews about Melissa Garden Hotel 3 *travelers from Russia often talk about the food they are provided in the hotel during the rest. It is provided within the concept of "all inclusive" and implies a daily visit to the "buffet", which is located in the main restaurant of the hotel. As the guests say, here are served quite original and very nutritious dishes, cooked in the best traditions of Turkish and European cuisines. The all-inclusive system also means free use by guests of all drinks produced in the Melissa Garden Hotel 3 *.

A good number of tourists recommend visitingin a bar located on the territory of the aqua zone. In it, professional bartenders will certainly surprise any gourmet with original cocktails and soft drinks, among which are both nonalcoholic and alcoholic. The menu offers a wide range of snacks, as well as oriental sweets.

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Melissa Garden Hotel 3 * (Turkey, Alanya)offers tourists a wonderful holiday in the sun terrace, which is part of a small aqua zone. It has everything to ensure that every guest had the opportunity to comfortably settle down and soak up under the rays of the Turkish sun. To protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet lodgers can open over a beach umbrella installed over each sunbed.

In the heart of the terrace there is a small swimming pool,in which all interested persons can carry out water procedures. The water in it is cleaned regularly and is heated by the sun's rays. For active pastime guests in the pool is installed one slide.

melissa garden hotel 3 reviews

Conditions for children

A huge number of tourists from Russiarecommends the Melissa Garden Hotel 3 * hotel for families. Such frequent recommendations are associated with a considerable list of conditions intended both for the children themselves and for the convenience of their parents.

First of all, guests in positivecomments indicate the availability of baby cots in the hotel, which can be placed in the room upon request. Also, tourists talk about the availability of special children's chairs in a catering establishment and a special menu, which contains only the brightest dishes that can conquer small gourmets.

If desired, parents can send their ownchild in a special club, where the animator will entertain him with games, watching cartoons and developing gear, and also just having fun. Here the child can play and communicate with his peers, which develops his communication skills.

In the aqua zone there is a small swimming pool for children, and near there is a bright playground where small guests can have fun and actively spend their free time.

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Melissa Garden Hotel is located on the firstcoastline and is separated from it by only one road, for the crossing of which an underground passage is provided. The distance between the main body and the shore of the Mediterranean Sea is only 70 meters.

In the sandy territory, according totravelers, there are all conditions for a pleasant stay. The beach here is clean, the water is clear, and the sea is rather shallow, which is especially appreciated by parents who have a rest with their children.

All interested can absolutely free of chargesit on the sun loungers under the huge umbrellas. Towels are not available for use here, so many tourists recommend taking them with them from the hotel. For the entertainment of holidaymakers there is a small volleyball court, inventory for the game can be obtained at a special point.

Price policy

Especially positive moment in rest onthe territory of the Melissa Garden hotel many tourists consider the cost of the tour. According to tourists, the price of a week trip to this hotel is about 35,000 rubles, which is quite inexpensive for a place with excellent conditions for recreation, located almost on the beach. All the more so because this cost includes transportation costs in both directions, renting a standard room, as well as insurance premiums and a transfer service. The last part of the costs in the package is included in the mandatory order, as the hotel is located at a fairly large distance from the airport. In case of failure to provide a transfer, the traveler will have to overcome more than a hundred kilometers independently, in a tropical climate. Many comments of tourists say that the transfer is carried out in a modern car equipped with air conditioning. Time passes quite quickly.

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