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Livadia: reviews of holidays

If you have ever been in Yalta, then, of course,heard or seen the Livadia Palace, on an excursion to which tourists come from all over the Crimea. However, not all vacationers know that the name of the royal residence was given in honor of the town of the same name, which exists to this day.

Livadia ... Reviews of tourists about it are somewhat contradictory. But no one is indifferent to this place.

Livadia, reviews
To date, the number of inhabitants of the villageis about two and a half thousand people. Immediate proximity to Yalta provided this settlement with a huge number of holidaymakers, especially in the hot season. Soft warm climate with an average daily temperature of +23 aboutC, an impressive number of specially planted trees for the royal family (fir, spruce, pine, hornbeam, thuya, brought from all over the world), the warm sea and clean mountain air is all Livadia.

Rest in Livadia
Reviews not happy with the rest in these placesare based on the fact that, firstly, it takes a long time to descend to the sea, but it is also difficult to climb. In addition, many do not like pebble beaches, which are so narrow that at a slightly increased sea swell, which happens here quite often, the umbrellas and deckchairs are practically washed off by a wave. Well, and most of all the complaints about prices: they say, the cost of living in the private sector and sanatoriums is sky-high, and the service remained at the "soviet" level.

These complaints are understandable, because, indeed,Livadia (reviews unanimous) offers rest, comparable in price to Yalta. However, what do you want? This village is also Yalta. Livadia, which is administratively considered a separate inhabited unit, in practice, like Miskhor, Gaspra, and other settlements near the main resort of the Crimea, refers to the so-called Big Yalta. And of course, prices for living in the city center or on its outskirts are not much different. After all, the main thing for holidaymakers in the Crimea is the sea and mountains, which are both equally beautiful both in Yalta and in its environs.

Yalta, Livadia
In occasion of long routes to the sea and back,which offers Livadia, reviews of hikers, on the contrary, the most laudatory. First, it is very healthy for the body. Secondly, the descent to the sea in Livadia passes either through the Livadia Park, or simply past the most beautiful green spaces that were created here for the Tsar himself. Is it not pleasant to admire what was intended only for crowned eyes? In addition, the road back, if desired, can take on special elevators, which are plenty here. For vacationers in local sanatoria their services are free, the cost for all others is comparable with travel by public transport.

In general, the rest in Livadia is not much different fromvacation in any other place of the Southern coast of Crimea. The most amazing nature makes you turn a blind eye to some of the service errors inherent in these places. But if you love the Crimea, then you will love Livadia, because this is one of the most beautiful places of the peninsula. It was not by chance that the settlement was chosen for the construction of the royal summer residence, which today is one of the brightest architectural gems of the Crimea.

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