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Burgas Airport - Bulgarian "air gate"

Bourgas is a resort town, which isa popular holiday destination in Europe. He became famous for his magnificent beaches, crystal clear water and even sea bottom. The climate in every way promotes the development of tourism in this region. Sunny weather is here most of the year. Not only Bulgarians come to Bourgas to relax, but tourists from many corners of the earth, including from Russia. In the development of this resort plays an important role in the airport of Burgas, thanks to which tourists can easily reach their holiday destination.

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Burgas Airport is located in the southeastBulgaria. Has an international code for IATA - BOJ. It is also known under the name "Sarafovo". This is the second "air haven" of the country in terms of area and passenger turnover. It is located north of the city, from the center of Bourgas it is 10 minutes away. On the way from Bourgas to the airport you can see the lake Atanasovskoe. The length of the runway is more than 3 kilometers, according to this indicator the airport is the fourth on the Balkan Peninsula. Every year it serves more than 2 million people, and this figure is constantly growing.

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Burgas Airport began its history in 1927. At this time, the French airline Kidna, which is currently part of Air France, signed a contract with the government of Bulgaria. It stipulated the conditions for the construction of a radio station. Under the contract, all employees of the new airport must be only citizens of Bulgaria. Already in 1947 Balkan airlines began to conduct domestic flights between Bourgas, Sofia and Plovdiv. In the 50-60s the airport was significantly expanded and modernized, and a concrete strip was also built. International status given "heavenly harbor" was in 1970.

Airport Today

Currently, the Burgas airport isThe object of intensive traffic is due to the rapid growth of tourism in this region. He already needs a fairly large investment for expansion. According to forecasts of experts, the passenger turnover in the near future can exceed 3 million people. This is the situation in such a popular "heavenly gateway" of Bulgaria, as the airport (Burgas). Reviews, in turn, on the part of passengers are mostly positive. This indicates that the airport is still coping well with its task.

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To date, the airport has two terminals. The first one was built in the 1950s, while the second one started operating relatively recently - only in the 1990s. Both terminals have cafes, fast food restaurants, currency exchange offices, duty-free shops and business centers. In December, large-scale works on the construction of a new terminal on world standards began. The capacity of this building will be almost 3 million people. There will be 31 check-in desks, the terminal will have an area of ​​20,000 square meters.


This airport (Burgas, Bulgaria) servesBoth domestic and international flights. This is about 117 directions that connect Bulgaria with 33 countries of the world. 69 airlines, both Bulgarian and foreign, constantly make their flights to this airport.

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