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Sharm el-Sheikh, Royal Paradise Resort 4 *: hotel reviews

The hotel is located in the resort village of Sharm el-Sheikh. Royal Paradise Resort 4 * is very conveniently located relative to the sea, because it is located on the first coastline.

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Basic information about the hotel

One of the most suitable places for loverssea ​​recreation is Sharm el-Sheikh. Royal Paradise Resort 4 * is a spacious resort hotel, the territory of which occupies an aggregate area of ​​32,000 square meters. m. Thanks to a well-thought-out infrastructure, as well as a rich choice of recreational activities, guests of any age and with completely different requests and demands for rest will feel comfortable here.

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About guest rooms

Located in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh RoyalParadise Resort 4 * has 186 rooms in its reserve. It is important that from the windows of each of them a panoramic sea landscape opens. Guests are accommodated in the following classrooms:

  • Standard - small rooms (occupy 32 square meters. m), which number in the hotel room is 172. This one-room apartment, which can accommodate up to three guests. In this double bed (or a pair of single rooms) is included in the standard equipment of the room, but for the third guest there is an option for additional accommodation. Each room has a bathroom with a shower, and a balcony (rooms located on the ground floor have a terrace).
  • Suite - large spacious room located on the 80th floorsq. m. m. Total of such apartments in the hotel complex 4. The room is a spacious bedroom and a small living room, which are separated by interior doors. Just like in the previous case, there is necessarily a bathroom and a balcony (terrace). The bedroom of the apartments is designed for reception of two guests, and as additional places can serve folding sofas and armchairs, placed in the living room, which can sleep three more guests.
  • Family rooms (a total of 10) are characterized by an area of ​​60 square meters. m. In this case they consist of two separate bedrooms for children and parents. Particularly convenient is that next to each room there is a separate bathroom. The balcony (or terrace) is furnished with comfortable garden furniture made of rattan.

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In the rooms

The hotel is located in Sharm El Sheikh,Royal Paradise Resort 4 *, provides its guests rooms with all the necessary amenities and technical facilities, making it possible for tourists to feel comfortable in the apartment as well as at home. So, in numbers are available:

  • large bath or shower;
  • TV connected to the cable operator;
  • clock-alarm clock;
  • phone, thanks to which it is possible at any time to quickly contact the reception or call anywhere in the world;
  • safe with coded lock;
  • mini-bar, which is replenished subject to additional payment for this service (drinking water is included in the cost of living);
  • a cozy balcony or a spacious terrace where you can sunbathe or admire the sea.

List of infrastructure facilities

Hotel Royal Paradise Resort 4 * (Sharm El Sheikh,Hadaba) has an excellent infrastructure, thanks to which the guests of the resort do not feel the slightest discomfort associated with the remoteness of the hotel from the city center. So, to the services of tourists - the following facilities:

  • the reception desk, which works round-the-clock to receive and resettle guests, as well as to resolve issues arising from tourists;
  • Own parking for the employees and guests of the hotel;
  • on the territory of the hotel (or in the room) you can call a doctor;
  • currency exchange office;
  • possibility to rent a car from the hotel's own car park;
  • several outlets with products, souvenirs, as well as essential goods and hygiene items;
  • beauty salon, where you can get hairdressers and beauty services, as well as take a course of massage procedures;
  • swimming pools and private beach;
  • several trendy restaurants and bars.

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Free service

Some of the services provided by RoyalParadise Resort 4 * (Sharm el-Sheikh, Hadaba), fully covered by the cost of the tour and do not require any additional cash costs. These services include the following:

  • guests are offered drinks (the so-called "velcom-drink") during their stay at the hotel;
  • in the main dining hall of the restaurant, tourists are provided with a full three meals a day;
  • after 10 am and until midnight in all bars of the hotel, tourists are provided unlimited drinks, as well as many varieties of snacks that allow you to have a snack during the day;
  • Also after a meal in the restaurant you can try a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

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Sporting events

Doing sports is one of the most fashionable andpopular trends of the modern world. Realizing this, the employees of the Royal Paradise Resort 4 * (Sharm-El-Sheikh, Hadaba) have prepared for their tourists a lot of opportunities and entertainment to ensure that their stay was active and supported the concept of a healthy lifestyle. These services include:

  • a field for playing mini-football with a well-groomed lawn covered with natural grass;
  • a volleyball court on the beach;
  • large cozy billiard room;
  • a center for training tourists in water sports and diving;
  • tennis courts and ping-pong tables;
  • after saturated and active activities, you can relieve tension with the help of massage.

restaurants and bars

Perhaps, on the first place in the organization of restare not entertainment, not service and not even the state of the room fund, namely food. Realizing this, the staff of the Royal Paradise Resort 4 * (Sharm El Sheikh) take care that guests get only quality, fresh and delicious food. To assess the ingenuity of the cooks can be in the numerous restaurants and bars that operate on the territory of the resort:

  • Main restaurant is the main dining hall, which is alwayswelcomes its guests with a varied and full menu during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The main emphasis is on the local cuisine, but for those who consider the abundance of spices and spices too exotic, there is a wide choice of dishes of European cuisine.
  • Beach BBQ - A restaurant specializing in seafood dishes. Add to the general picture of alcoholic beverages and cocktails, which are perfectly combined with fish.
  • Oriental restaurant This is a spacious establishment with a chic interior, which has in its menu traditional dishes from virtually all corners of the world.
  • Lobby bar occupies the first floor of the main building of the hotel. The main emphasis is on snacks, tea and coffee, as well as non-alcoholic soft drinks. Also feature of this establishment is a large selection of cocktails, the assortment of which is constantly updated.
  • Coffee Shop - this is a cozy cafe where you can trya huge number of varieties of coffee, eating them with delicious fresh cakes and other desserts. Having chosen your favorite drink, you can purchase the package as a souvenir to commemorate the rest at the Royal Paradise Resort 4 * (Sharm El-Sheikh).
  • Night club & Disco is a night entertainment where you canlisten to your favorite music and dance a lot. To support the atmosphere of fun, bartenders continuously prepare a lot of bright cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

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Positive reviews

Great popularity with tourists from all over the worldThe hotel Royal Paradise Resort 4 *. Reviews about this resort complex contain a lot of positive points, indicating a high quality of service and service. So, we can distinguish the following comments:

  • a large, beautiful, clean beach, next to which there is a chic coral reef with a huge number of marine inhabitants;
  • Guests arriving after dinner after the check-in are delivered a small "brakes" to satisfy hunger from the road;
  • the furniture in the room, although old, but contained in a very satisfactory condition;
  • the hotel has a lot of greenery and flowers;
  • The swimming pool in the courtyard of the hotel is clean and large enough that it does not feel uncomfortable and restrained;
  • loungers on the beach and near the pool is always enough for everyone;
  • good animation - every day there are some interesting new entertainments;
  • the hotel is located next to the famous palace "1001 Nights", where you can walk absolutely free during the day, and in the evening visit an incendiary show;
  • next to the hotel there is a large local bazaar where you can buy souvenirs and food products by an order of magnitude cheaper than in the shops on the territory of the resort complex;
  • compensate for some "shabby" and "shabby" rooms can be due to the picturesque view, which can be seen from the balcony or terrace;
  • the hotel is very comfortable with respect to the sea.

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Negative feedback

Hotel Royal Paradise Resort 4 *, in addition topositive impressions and reviews, also causes tourists some criticism regarding the organization and quality of recreation. Comments on this hotel complex are as follows:

  • if you arrive at the hotel early in the morning, you will have to wait two hours a day to settle in the room (or pay an impressive amount for early registration);
  • in the rooms located on the upper floors, there are problems with the supply of hot water;
  • too small area of ​​the hotel;
  • the menu of the main restaurant is rather limited and too monotonous for a hotel of this level;
  • on the way to the beach there is an abandoned building, because of which the appearance of the landscape suffers, besides it's scary to walk early in the morning and late at night.
  • in many rooms plumbing in poor condition, and sometimes does not work at all.
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