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Where to relax cheaper abroad and in Russia?

At the height of summer, are you still at home? Do you think that against the backdrop of the depreciation of the ruble, one should leave in the past trips abroad? This is not true! It's just time to learn how to save. The Russian tourist was perceived earlier in Europe and in the resorts of Asia as a man, thoughtlessly tossed with money. It's time to change your mind about yourself. Let's take a piece of paper, a pen, a calculator, and think about where to fall cheaper this year.

Our article will help you understand the budgetdirections. Believe me, they exist. We will consider options for recreation in summer, autumn, winter; in Russia and abroad; on the sea and in the mountains. Do not forget also the rich cultural attractions of the cultural centers. Consider the "hot" (and therefore budget) proposals of travel agencies. We hope that the information presented in this article will be useful to you.

Where to relax cheaper

Where to relax cheaper in Russia

Patriotism and the desire to study nature and interestingplaces in their home country are powerful internal motives to spend their holidays in their native country. Other people are moved by considerations of a different order. The absence of a foreign passport and the unwillingness to travel abroad due to fear or a language barrier make these tourists stay in Russia.

They say that vacation in Sochi on a budget with a vengeanceoverlaps the tour to Egypt along with the flight, and a tour of the Volga is commensurate with the cruise of the Mediterranean. Let it be so, but there are places in Russia, where you can relax cheaper not at the expense of lowering the level of service. Consider such fundamental factors as time and place. Some Russian resorts are very popular, while others are in the shade.

Everyone rushes to Sochi, although in Krasnodarthere are many other, cheaper places. The travel time factor is also important. The resorts are crowded with people in the summer. Then you can swim in the Black Sea in May, September and October.

where to relax cheaper in the Krasnodar Territory

Krasnodar region

Many people have been accustomed to travel to Sochi, Anapa or Gelendzhik since childhood, and do not want to give up this beautiful tradition. But these resorts are not limited to the Russian Black Sea coast.

Let's look at where to relax cheaper inKrasnodar Territory. This subject of the Russian Federation is washed by two seas - the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov. If you consider it as an option for resting the first water area, then you can choose to choose such small towns as Dzhubga and Dederka. Between Sochi and Tuapse there are such budgetary places as Vishnevka and Makopse. From Dzhubga to the south along the coast are Lermontovo, Plyakho, Olginka, Nebug, Agoy. If you have a car, you can reduce the cost of housing, stopping in the stanitsas just around the sea, for example, in Novomikhailovsky. Among the budget resorts of the Krasnodar Territory on the Azov Sea can be called Yeisk. In such places prices not only for living, but for food will be two times cheaper than in Sochi.

Where to relax cheaper by the sea in Russia

Hotel, boarding house, private sector?

Where to stay at the resorts is very importanta question that is no less relevant than "Where to relax cheaper on the Black Sea?". After all, a five-star hotel in Dzhubga will cost a room in a private sector in Lazarevsky, near Sochi. Lovers of romance will find recreation centers. They are often located in picturesque places or directly on the beach. True, offer such a base of wooden summer houses with a minimum of amenities.

A warm welcome and homely atmosphere can be foundin private apartments and on rural farmsteads. The hosts often provide their guests with the opportunity to use the kitchen and give all the necessary utensils to prepare food. Thus, nutrition can be very economical. Do not want to stand by the stove? Often in the private sector, you can negotiate with the owners to provide a semi or full board. For those who came to the resorts with their vehicles, camping is suitable. They are located in uninhabited places - in secluded bays or on sandy spits. But for such a holiday you need a van or a tent.

Where to relax cheaper on the Black Sea

Kaliningrad region

And where to relax cheaper by the sea in Russia, you canyet? Forgot about the Baltic? A piece of Russia goes to the shore of this water area. The weather of the Yantarnaya Krai (also called the Kaliningrad region) is very comfortable in the summer. There is no stupefying heat, as on the Black and Azov seas. Therefore, it is best to go to the cores, people with high blood pressure, with children who do not tolerate acclimatization. There are spacious sandy beaches, which are close to pine forests. The smell of needles is mixed with the scents of the algae, and above all this - the shrill cries of seagulls ... Is it not beauty?

The most popular, and at the same time inexpensiveresorts of the Kaliningrad region are located in Amber and Svetlogorsk. The Curonian Spit is the most budgetary and charming place where you can relax in complete unity with nature. In the Amber Region there is no shortage of boarding houses, bases and campsites. A large selection of diverse housing is offered by the private sector. The only minus of the Amber Coast is the road. It is necessary either to use air transport or to open a transit visa through Lithuania.

Where to relax cheaper abroad in September

Vladivostok and its beaches

For residents of the eastern part of the country,where to relax cheaper by the sea in Russia, not worth it. Of course, you need to go to Vladivostok. Primorye is washed by the Sea of ​​Japan. The city of Vladivostok is located on a peninsula that divides the water area into two gulfs: the Ussuri and the Amur. Look at the map. Vladivostok lies on the same latitude with Sochi. So, it's very hot in the summer. The water in the bays warms up to a comfortable twenty-five degrees. The entire suburban area of ​​Vladivostok is a continuous network of sanatoriums, boarding houses and tourist centers. In Radovo, Lazurne, Artem you will find inexpensive accommodation and a full rest. The village of East is called Courchevel of Primorye. Here you can also get better, because from the bottom of the Amursky Bay medical muds are extracted, which uses a number of local sanatoria.

Abroad without visas

If you are a fan of the Black Sea, and the prices forRussian resorts are too biting, then you can find more budget accommodation abroad. And for this, you do not need to embark on the embassy thresholds and apply for a visa. There are countries where Russians do not need a special permit to enter. And in others, the visa is pasted into the passport right on the border. Where to relax cheaper on the Black Sea? The answer arises by itself. Abkhazia and Ukraine will surprise you with low prices even at the height of the season. Of course, and here you need to know the places. In Odessa, and even in Zatoka prices will be higher than in the Iron Port (Kherson region), Koblevo (Nikolayev) or at the resorts and Ismail Tatarbunar areas.

Rest in sunny Abkhazia is really verycheap. But it will suit very unpretentious tourists, because the infrastructure there remained at the level of the eighties of last century. But you are waiting for the beautiful pebbly beaches and warm Black Sea. A better service is available in Georgia and Bulgaria. But this can not be called a budget vacation.

Where to rest cheaper in winter

Where to relax cheaper abroad

In September, in some coastal countries an influxof tourists begins to subside. It's time to go on a trip to the land of your dreams. Hotels in the pursuit of vanishing customers are beginning to lower prices. Where to relax cheaper at sea in the countries of Central and Western Europe? This is Croatia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, Poland and, surprisingly, Spain. But in the case of travel abroad, it may not happen in a season that you will not be able to save on air tickets. After all, charters stop plying, and regular flights are often too expensive. But in this case there are little tricks. Since the Russian airports almost do not fly loukosty, tourists go by train or bus to neighboring countries. For example, residents of St. Petersburg, to relax on the beaches of Italy, get to the Finnish cities of Tampere and Lappeenranta. From there, aboard the Rianair or IsiJet, you can fly to Milan for just about twenty euros. True, tickets must be bought in advance.

Where to rest cheaper than in Thailand

Exotic countries

Dream of palm trees and blue lagoons, as inan advertising clip about "Bounty"? Do not consider a trip to tropical countries a pipe dream. Yes, the Maldives and the Dominican Republic are resorts for money-bags. But even in Thailand you can find budget accommodation if you plan your trip wisely. Yes, the flight to the countries of Southeast Asia is worth a lot, at least due to the large kilometers of the way. But there are countries where a vacation is cheaper than in Thailand, you can, if you come there for a long time. It makes no sense to go to Vietnam for two weeks - the cost of a flight will make such a short-term vacation very expensive. But if you go to this country for two months, the low prices for accommodation and meals compensate for financial losses for the journey. The travel time issue also affects the travel estimate. Where there is a cheaper winter vacation, it will be expensive in the summer, and vice versa. If you are a fan of mountain skiing, remember that many resorts continue to work until the end of April.

Tour package or independent travel?

Where to relax cheaper: on a voucher or completely organizing a trip yourself? The answer to this question is this: a tour package will be budgetary only if it is "burning". But in some countries, hotels have two prices per room: for individual and group tourists. Sometimes it's cheaper to travel by package.

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