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Mountain Shoria: holidays, hotels and reviews of tourists

In today's article you will get acquainted withAn unusual region of the Kemerovo region under the amazing name of Gornaya Shoria. Local people talk about the geographical area with a sense of admiration and pride. And consider it a separate large state. This was the case, at the time of the Shorians (the Turkic-speaking population).

Short introduction

Mountain Shoria (Kemerovo Region)

The mountain-taiga region of Gornaya Shoria, which is in the southKuzbass, its history dates back to the 16th century. Today it is a highly advertised and popular ski center, in its beauty and conditions similar to Switzerland. Every year more and more tourists come here to completely "dissolve" in nature, to experience Russian culture, to admire the virgin nature of the mountains and to be charged with positive energy.

Tourist industry in the area is activeflourishes and improves. In this place there are a lot of unusual things, surprises and wonders lie in wait at every step. Impressions of the trip will last for a lifetime. The primordial natural splendor brings man back to a pristine world where there was no evil, and the earth was not spoiled by technological progress.

The height of mountain heights fascinatesgreatness and power, deep caves with fairy-tale halls and winding passages are bewitched with mystery. It is impossible not to mention the transparency and danger of the taiga rivers that flow in the middle of the wooded zone and set the beauty of the Kemerovo region.

The dearest is the purest mountain air,saturated with ozone and medicinal herbs - this is a real storehouse of medicinal properties. All surrounding nature has a beneficial effect on the human body. Coniferous forests, rich flora and comfortable microclimate give a real uniqueness to the ski resort.

Tourist destinations: winter holidays

Mountain Shoria

Mountain Shoria (Kemerovo Region) attractscomfortable weather in the winter season. During this period, the taiga valley covers an abundant snow cover, reaching up to two meters in height. It is at this time there is a huge flow of tourists who come for snowboarding and skiing.

The region has built at least 20 skiresort centers with their own prepared routes, cable cars and ski lifts. Honored praises awarded the mountain of Green (Mustag) height of 1270 meters. It was in 1981 that the Spartakiad Games of the RSFSR were held, and in 1996 the Russian Alpine Ski Championship was held.

Active holiday in Shoria Mountain in summer

The resort does not cease to function in the summer. In warm weather, you will be offered a lot of exciting and interesting activities: fishing, helicopter, foot, horse and speleopter routes, as well as extreme alloys on winding rivers. Particularly popular are chair tours and boat trips to the picturesque places of the national reserve.

holiday in Shoria Mountain in summer

During such a trip, guests will be able toadmire the many natural attractions, including the Saginsky Falls and the Copper Rock. Hiking tours are organized on the heights of Kubes, Mustag, Camels, all of them run through the spacious territory of Shorsky Park. For lovers of extreme leisure offer an interesting and exciting "Siberian safari", as well as exciting trips on motorized cross-country vehicles in the taiga area.

Children's programs

Mountain Shoria is a resort designed forage audience. Children's leisure here is organized perfectly. Specially for teenagers the club "Neskuchnoe summer" and the paintball school was created, as well as more than 800 camps, recreation centers and sanatoriums where children can have a fun and educational holiday.

All boarding houses meet the requirements of technologysecurity and are equipped with medical centers, professional protection, competent teachers and friendly counselors. The sports camp "Sportotel" has proved to be very good, in which all conditions for comfortable living are created. Here for children are offered hiking tours, various team games, and in winter - mountain skiing.

Interesting objects of the region

Mountain Shoria megaliths

In fact, the attraction isalmost the whole Mountain Shoria. Rest in a sanatorium or hotel complex will be incomplete without visiting natural sites. Shorinskaya area is famous for its magnificent hydrological and geological sites. While in this wonderful corner of the globe, be sure to visit the caves of the Great Kizasska and Azaska, the mountainous Kul-Taiga mountain with the purest lake, the Tree of Love, the waterfalls of the Marble Rocks and the Saga, the Pavian rocks, the Chomutov rapids and areas with relict flora.

Do not forget to see the megalithic complex,which is so famous Mountain Shoria. Megaliths (mysterious stones), discovered in this area, make scientists puzzle over their true origin. Stone blocks surprise with its even, rectangular shape and huge dimensions. Archaeologists often compare megaliths with the Egyptian pyramids. And until now they can not find a scientific explanation for the structures. Some experts believe that the entire history of Mountain Shoria is directly related to the ancient stones.

Where to stay?

Tourist industry of Kemerovo regionis represented by numerous boarding houses, dispensaries and hotels of different levels. It successfully combines both rest and treatment. Many hostels offer therapeutic programs and methods for the treatment of metabolism, digestive and cardiovascular systems. Here you can get rid of skin diseases, gynecological, urinary and andrological diseases.

The hostels are actively used in therapymud and mineral water, which in its composition and useful properties are not inferior to Borjomi. For your attention, we will list a small list of hotels located at the foot of the mountains.

Five-star hotel Sky Way

Mountain Shoria holidays

The official status is 3 stars. First opened its doors in 2006. It is located near the "Zelenaya" hill, next to the ski lifts and ski slopes. In this cozy place there is a comfortable atmosphere. Guests staying in the Sky Way will be surrounded by care and attention. At the disposal of tourists - ski storage, sauna, swimming pool, Turkish bath, children's play room, parking lot and much more. The price includes a continental breakfast.

Recreation center "Trekhreche"

There are cottages at the confluence of the rivers Pyzas and Mras-Su. The buildings have their own kitchen areas and living rooms. This place is more suitable for couples with children, elderly people, as well as for all who want privacy with nature. Guests can enjoy exciting trips through the national park, motor boat and quad bike rides.

History of Shoria

Camp "Bear cub"

Spacious hotel for 110 people comfortablelocated between the mountains of Zelenaya and Tashtagol. The hotel has ski slopes, a ski lift, a sports equipment rental and a ski school. In addition to skiing leisure facilities for health. Regular customers receive good discounts and bonus programs.

In total, about 60 recreationalinstitutions. Every year Mountain Shoria takes on its vast territory about 50 thousand guests. If you are a zealous fan of virgin nature and clean air, then this region in the Kemerovo region will make an indelible impression on you.

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