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"Red": a short summary. Learn for a minute what you would spend 3 hours

The story "Ryzhik" was written by Alexei Svirsky. The work is quite large. Reading it will take a long time. It will help to quickly learn the plot of the story "Red" short content.

"Red" - a summary

Taras and Aksinya take themselves a baby

At the beginning of the work the author acquaints the reader withyoung family - Aksinya and Taras Zazulyami. Her husband was a carpenter, and his wife was engaged in farming. Children at that time did not have a pair. One day early in the morning Aksinya heard a moan behind the shed. She went there and saw a dying beggar. Next to her lay a baby who was asleep.

The woman called for help from her husband, neighbors, cameon her screams and the town's village Golodayevka Prokhor Mushroom. By that time the beggar had retired to a different world, and the family took the child to herself. He was a three-month-old boy, whom Alexander was called. His godmother was Agafia, who had her own baby, so she was able to feed the baby sometimes.

However, the boy was not christened immediately. Taras did not have money for that moment, and decided to postpone the event to the fair. And while the child was named Ryzhik. The brief content of the story takes the reader for 6 years to come.

 a short summary of the story "Red"

In 6 years

At the end of this time, the couple had their ownchildren are two daughters. Ryzhik, called Sasha, was a very bright boy. He was mischievous and mischievous. However, Aksinya's mother still loved him. Despite his quick character, the boy was very kind. He secretly left the dog, then asked the adoptive mother to take in the family the girl Dunya, who was orphaned. He protected her from a drunken uncle, with whom five-year-old Dunya had to live.

Once Sanka heard the conversation of his parents and realized that he was not his own. The boy was very worried. He decided to flee the house.

Foster parents gave it to the training of a crocheted shoemaker, and then Ryzhik finally decided to run. The brief will tell the reader about the sad adventures of a teenager.

The escape

The first escape of the boy did not work, he landed inpit and had to stay in his native village. The second time was more successful. The child got acquainted with a conjurer nicknamed Polfunt and went with him to travel. However, fate was not favorable to the boy. Sanka lagged behind the train and found himself alone in an unknown station.

Here he meets the blind old man Ryzhik. The summary will allow for a few seconds to find out what happened to him further. Grandfather suggested that the boy become a guide and thus earn a living. Sanka had no choice. He followed the old man. However, he turned out to be a cunning. He was not blind, but pretended to be so. The boy and the old man came to the monastery, where there was a lodging house for the same beggars. Here he meets Spirka Vjunom, with whom he begins to be friends well.

a short summary of the story "Red". Svirsky

Summary of the story "Red" for a coupleseconds will take the reader a few more years to go. When Sanya ran away from home, he was already 10 years old. Together with the beggars who traded begging, he lived a year. During this time, friends decided to escape from a miserable environment.

Half a pound

The plan was a success. Children arrived by train to Odessa, but here they came to thieves, who began to teach them their craft. From them Ryzhik left thanks to Polfuntu, whom he accidentally met. He drove him home, but the boy dreamed of traveling. He again leaves home, travels to different cities. Once Ryzhik again saw Polfunt, but the meeting was sad. The magician died tragically.

This is the summary of the story "Red". Svirsky stopped the story in this place, which makes the reader think.

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